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  1. You see this is where the problem is. Socialists, and Union members were called by a PM in the 80's as 'the enemy within' There then began an inroad against Union membership. And thousands fell for it. We end up with the situation you are in. No unity or representation. They are doing as they please, and you are suffering. It is happening everywhwere. They bring in desperate contract men, who have signed away all their rights, just to earn a crust. They dilute the incumbent workforce, and therefore make our clout less than it should be. The lads on contract cannot support us, they would be down the road straightaway. I can see in about 15 years time, when all proper apprentice trained, and qualified men have retired, that all will be agency and contract men. And we will be back to where we where 200 years ago. Gaffers lackeys. It hurts me hard, as i was in the automotive industry as a lad, and we had the gaffers by the balls. As Jack Jones said 'When you have them by the balls. their hearts and minds will follow' Top man he was.
  2. I am told that my post is 'ring fenced ' for the time being. I was TUPED under PFI. All the contracts are with big business and the government. Not even Cameron would dare to take on the big beasts such as Balfour Beatty. It is my colleagues and comrades left in the NHS that I fear for. We still work closely, and must stick together in the stressful times ahead. I truly hope that the Leaders of Unite and Unison are learning lessons from France, and are not going to go belly up at the first shout from Cameron.
  3. What the hell is that man on? He lives in some parallel Universe I am sure. No wonder the Queen refused to abdicate when we called for it years ago. She has seen him at close quarters, and knows how stupid he is. If he ever gets to be King, then the PM of the day will have to force him out. Ala Edward VIII and Stanley Baldwin. I believe he also wants to be named George VII instead of CharlesIII The arrogant stupidity of the man accelerates daily.
  4. Just refresh yourself with the thought that it will soon be over. Come Wednesday, Gideon Osborne will have reduced us to 3rd world status. We will all be sitting at the roadside begging visiting chinese tourists for coppers. Think how much more fulfilled and happy you will be.
  5. Like many hundreds of millions before me i shall go to my grave an oppressed, downtrodden man, I know. But do we care, it is a day off, Sunday
  6. If it were to come it is to late for me. I am 60, but a big man, I could break a few heads, but they would have me down soon I am afraid. The tragedy is this. When I was a boy, Harold Wilson talked of the 'White Heat' of technology, pushing the world forward for the benefit of mankind. It has done nothing of the kind, up until the late sixties it may have done. Moon Landings, and Concord for instance. Since then, nothing for the working man, but poverty and taxation. All the money has gone straight to the capitalists. Diverting every avenue that could have done us any good.
  7. I must be a bit thick tonight, for that draught I felt was that going over my head. please explain, if you would.
  8. How big was London at Guy Fawkes' time? The commercial and government centre would not be much bigger than that.
  9. I was hoping that Vicky Michelle would pop round:hihi:
  10. Because non of them dare make a move without the approval of the Dirty Digger. He has it sewn up as far elections are concerned in this country. What Murdoch says, is what goes. No matter what happens in this country, it has to be passed by Rupert Murdoch, otherwise it is finished. Every government from the nameless one to now has dependend on him to gain them power. They do his bidding.
  11. You seem a bit of a wimp to me Tatman. Why are on here arguing with the girlies, and whinging about women watching crap? Women have always watched crap, it is designed for them. It keeps them in their place. Brainwashing it is called. As long as you have a drink and food in your belly, what are you complaining about?
  12. An airbomb is not the same thing. It explodes, and sprays petrol vapour over the entire area, then milliseconds later an incendiary ignites, sets off the petrol vapour, and all the oxygen is burned, everywhere. It would have destroyed London at that time completely, and every living creature in the area woud have died of either burns or suffocation. Gunpowder does not require oxygen to burn, it creates its own from the chemicals that compose it.
  13. I think those pictures must be accentuated somehow. If I was on a desk allowing folk on a flight, non of those would pass. To a man they look as if they are on a trip of some kind, and I dont mean an accompanied walk from the local home.
  14. Imagine the world, if they had suceeded, or if the USA had lost the revolutionary war, or if the Armada had taken England. How different the world today would be. It would not be the place it is today for sure. But it would not be so advanced either, it was only by religeon different to theirs that drove people to America. They pulled themselves up by their boot straps and threw England out. We thought on our feet, and the Industrial revolution began. The rest as they say is history. There is enough here for a new thread.
  15. Tell your firm that you want to work nights, then you can do it all without disturbing the main man. Women, its all self, self, self. :hihi:
  16. I like that way of looking at it. I might even buy my grandaughter a packet of sparklers this year. If I can afford it. ;)
  17. Thank God for that, at last. A voice that reminds us of all that we to live for. You are a true leader of men. Now get back to work you good for nothings. I dont know what we do without men like you.
  18. My father always made himself scarce at the evening, most of my relatives were protestants so they had no idea of its meaning. We always had a good time, but we had no idea as children, of what we were being subliminally taught. I at that time was a catholic, but as a child it means nothing, all you want is the fireworks. When later you learn the true story, it is a bit of a time for reflection on the manipulation of mankind.
  19. Do it yourself then, get on with it.
  20. It is suprising that Yorkshiremen should celebrate Guy Fawkes night. He was a Yorkshireman, and trying to get rid of a Scottish despot King. He was killed in the worst way that has every been devised. Hung Drawn and Quartered. His paymasters were all hanged. And you celebrate this every year as if it is a good thing. Yet if someone mentions the return of the Death penalty, you are down like a pack of howling dogs. Double Standards or what?
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