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  1. have you tried just refreshing your browser when the error occurs?
  2. i'm currently learning welding (all aspects, from mig-tig-mag and plasma cutting) its a earn whilst you learn so the study is in my own time and then i'm in the work shop for 8 weeks (1 week stints) its called bright spark might be worth giving them a quick call?
  3. All lawn mowers are however the mechanics that fix them aren't
  4. Can anyone get a trade policy? There's two cars in the house hold mine and my grandads I work for a telecoms company and he is retired, I just want to know if there is any insurers that I can put both cars and drivers onto one policy? Any thoughts?
  5. I have the same problem, but i have a lot of cats around the area, so anything other than fire? which will be my last resort :')
  6. Hey I own AJ mowers in Hackenthorpe new to the area but not the industry. i repair and service all types of equipment including blade sharpening
  7. hello I own AJ mowers, i can pick the machine up and repair and service pm or call/text 07412290367 based in Hackenthorpe but I can pick up and drop off
  8. The roads arnt too bad I've been up and down a number of times today, it might be a combination of the weather and speed...
  9. Police have shut off dyke vale road in hackenthorpe due to an accident
  10. I might just cave in and get a credit card as to obtain a fuel card id need the company registration and vat no. Etc
  11. with my current job, I go through a fair few miles each week, on average around 700. I am employed but use my personal vehicle to get to and from jobs. There seems to be a market for domestic fuel cards, but no one supplying them (that I can find) any advice?
  12. the galaxy range, will heat up from the batteries like most handsets nowa days, being attached to your mobile web (3g or 4g) will drain your battery. remember to insure a long battery life le the handset charge de pleat completely then charge untill 100% always close apps behind you by long pressing the middle button on the galaxy's and douple tap the home button for iphones. hope this helps
  13. Hasn't the guy who ran this business been sent to prison? my partner had a trial day as a zombie and what a death trap!
  14. I want to carry on with MMA not long moved to the area and wanted to know if there's any decent gyms to train at?
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