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  1. Internet here in S5 tonight 17/08 is really slow, just done a speedcheck averages about 4Mb download 2Mb upload, should be 50Mb, carried out a service status check on VM website, a we're trying to sort it issue has flagged up, memories of dial up.......
  2. As Ghozer says, even people who repair them can't get hold of the screens or if they can they are somttimes more expensive than the tv cost, and the new generation of lcd tv's are getting more difficult to repair the electronics side, if not impossible, try the 'Bad caps' forum, the section on tv repair.
  3. Badge engineering happens a lot, yours is probably a set made by vestel, they make sets for a lot, even noted ‘Japanese’, brands, I think even lower sized one for Panasonic are vestel, google vestel tv reset, it may help, a website callled Bad Caps may help, they have a section on modern tv issues,
  4. Hi try the 'Bad caps', website, the forum on there is pretty good, you have to register to get the best from it, but it's free.
  5. Hi Carosio, I'm a member on the vintage radio forum, the site has a section for vintage tape (audio), plenty of advice on there from knowledgeable people, free to join, worth a look as it's UK based. http://www.vintage-radio.net/forum/
  6. Could be struggling with that, to be fair sent mine on Saturday morning,registered post, was back for Tuesday.
  7. Sent mine off via ebay, to a guy in Bradford, fully repaired, it had stopped working totally, repaired, new case, spare battery, about £15. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Opel-Corsa-Agila-Meriva-2-Button-Remote-Key-Fob-Repair-Fix-Service-/181168576949?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2a2e7d19b5
  8. I think he went painting and decorating, seem to recall his dad had that sort of business and Keith took thay on. Mind you, it's a few years ago now.
  9. I worked on maintenance from 85-90 (ish), Knew Keith Laycock, Arthur Matthias and Bill Fox who repalced Keith, and Kevan, great times, John & Roy & Shaun, on loading bay, Gary, head Chef, Robert sous chef, Joyce on Toast, Christine on room service,Chris the KP, Bert W, Dennis & Tony (Porters), Ann-Marie, Cheryl, Rhona, Hilary,Andy,(HK), Beverley (rec') just a few of the names I recall. Regards, acman.
  10. Any chance of anyone contacting the people on Facebook, as I'm not on it myself. Don't understand how it works!! Regards.
  11. Update on the Iphone, checked the event list today and it says it's Robert Matthew Lawton's birthday. Anybody recognise his or Helen Andrews name? Regards.
  12. Thanks for all the advice, I have tried the button 'siri' thing, just keeps saying I cannot help you at this time. Will try the Sheffield online. Regards.
  13. Ps, I was replying to the take it apple store question. If no joy by Sunday, I will take it to the police, just didn't want to tie there time up.
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