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  1. Cheers Zach, worth try, I’ll send a PM
  2. Cheers Zach, it maybe the keyboard that’s the issue, it’s basic one from currys and only a few months old and works ok when the pc was working, if anyone wants to have a tinker I can bring it to them for a look, It’s going to be something daft, don’t mind paying a bit, but it’s only used for printing, scanning etc so if it has to be replaced it will be another basic one, Regards
  3. Hi Ghozer, I’ve left the CMOS battery out all night, I’ll try later on when I get home from work, I’ve already tried this though, odd thing is when it reboots after the battery is removed , it knows the battery has failed, if I then try to reboot it doesn’t report this, if I can’t get this going, you can have it mate. Regards
  4. After trying everything, still nothing, looking at the issue and doing a bit of web digging, it looks like USB legacy support has been disabled, which to me is like locking the keys in the safe...., so I can't find a workaround, so the PC is scrap really. Regards
  5. I’ll pull the cmos battery again and leave a decent while,
  6. Hi Ghozer, I’ll give those a try when I get home later, when it boots, I get a Viglen splash screen, not sure if that’s relevant, Regards
  7. As stated, it’s a simple new keyboard, usb type, there’s no ps2 inputs, all usb, on the mobo, looks like it will have to be scrapped tbh, Regards
  8. Saw that, If I put the jumper on the mobo into config mode, the bios appears, but the keyboard is inactive, putting the jumper back into normal mode, entering bios by F2, nothing, it just goes straight into trying to boot from whatever device, if there is a bootable dvd in the drive, I get the option of press any key to continue, but the keyboard is inactive, Regards,
  9. Hi Swf, I thought of that as a possibility, but I dont have a ps2 keyboard, do have an adapter though, if I can find one might be worth a go, Regards,
  10. Id thought of that but the board doesn't have PS2 inputs, just USB, that's the puzzler,
  11. Cheers Ghozer, Have tried various USB ports, Back, front, top , bottom,, the keyboard is a basic affair, Regards
  12. Main PC has had an issue with WIN 10, so decided a fresh install, problem is the keyboard wont accept any commands when in bios mode, the mobo has jumper pins that will get me into the bios in positions 1 &2 but the keyboard (usb), wont allow any commands, if I put the jumpers into position 2 & 3 I cant access the bios at all, pressing F2 as per instructions, does nothing and it will go to boot from CD mode but again no keyboard command is accepted. The Mobo is an Intel E210882, I've tried the usual, reomving the CMOS battery, booting with no drives attached, booting with just the keyboard attached, just about every configuration, I'm wondering if it's the keyboard but that's bought recently and was working normally, Any ideas, Regards
  13. Internet here in S5 tonight 17/08 is really slow, just done a speedcheck averages about 4Mb download 2Mb upload, should be 50Mb, carried out a service status check on VM website, a we're trying to sort it issue has flagged up, memories of dial up.......
  14. As Ghozer says, even people who repair them can't get hold of the screens or if they can they are somttimes more expensive than the tv cost, and the new generation of lcd tv's are getting more difficult to repair the electronics side, if not impossible, try the 'Bad caps' forum, the section on tv repair.
  15. Badge engineering happens a lot, yours is probably a set made by vestel, they make sets for a lot, even noted ‘Japanese’, brands, I think even lower sized one for Panasonic are vestel, google vestel tv reset, it may help, a website callled Bad Caps may help, they have a section on modern tv issues,
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