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  1. I'm definitely not racist anyway, my sofa is black and so is my tv! ---------- Post added 13-06-2014 at 09:16 ---------- http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/27762435 Not really hard to find it....is it?
  2. you should take a looking at some of these charity managers always on good suits and expensive cars, easy money in a way how homefundraising explained it was that they are basically getting something for nothing even after paying for the company to get the sign ups
  3. I went into Morrison's today to find a "try me" tray of full hot dogs so I decided to use my Swede and managed to sneak into the bakery and find some good bread rolls in the bin habit was towards the end of the day so I took one of then bread rolls, as I put my hotdog into the roll I noticed that a big pile of ketchup was on the floor within "please wait" sign next to it so presuming it was about to be mopped up I quickly scooped some up with my finger and put it on the hot dog, as I went to walk to the exit I overheard two staff members saying "those onions have been exposed to the sun all day and the heat has fried the onions golden crisps" the other one replies "just chuck em" as their backs was turned to deal with a young boy shoplifting a copy of Eurobabes magazine I quickly swiped a fried onion, ripping pieces up to put on my hot dog and then left to get into my 2013 model Audi.
  4. For my sins I once worked for home fundraising in Sheffield for one week, every month they get a new charity to go door to door with and they obviously employ people to do this, the wage is minimum and every 5 sign ups you got you got £50 bonus I thi k it's something like the charity get 10% of the monthly direct debit after paying companies like homefundraising to get the sign ups
  5. Oh God no, something to feed boyfriday and halibuts racism claims that apparently is EVERYWHERE....
  6. Just looked on then travel website and it says the quickest way is a bus to killamarsh leisure centre and then a half an hour walk which would be difficult as I'm planning on taking small children, I'm wanting to get to the child's playground bit anyone know of an easy way to get to it? thanks
  7. Thanks, definitely will have a look at that
  8. Everything I have a shower for longer than 5 minutes most of the time my shower fuse goes, the other day when I went to change it I noticed it had snapped in half because of the heat and my neighbor saw my arse through the hallway window on the way downstairs any ideas?
  9. When do the homosexuals get stoned? when I say stoned I don't mean they smoke a "funny tag" I mean they bury them in the ground and throw stones at them until they are dead....nice people...
  10. Another step closer to not enforcing sharia law into the uk
  11. I can drop off a box of 30 asda value ice lollies? You can have them for £20
  12. Be cheaper just to hire a man and van from here Bikertec does it from 25 quid per hire with a million pound liability insurance, I think he just moves things like tumbles dryers tho worth about fifty quid
  13. Meaning that of I offered a homeless person to come in my house for a pot noodle and a can of 7up, as soon as my back is turned they would probobly have it away on their toes with my Nintendo 64
  14. Not a chance! I like the things in my home
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