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  1. What about Phil Laing? Is this 'senior staff' happy for you to break the news then?
  2. Nothing like speculating on speculation.
  3. So if i <removed> on a memorial, my employer should foot the bil;l?
  4. who said it was funny then, the chancellor?
  5. Really? have you got a link to this info please? I'd like to see it.
  6. Get a DS. They slip in your back pocket comfortably, you can snap them shut into standby mode, and there's tons of quality games. Chinatown Wars and Mario Kart should see you right.
  7. I refuse to go due to the chefs always slouching about outside during the day, sitting on the bins, smoking and washing the windows while wearing chef whites. Grim.
  8. i believe hallam square is council property
  9. yeah, and it makes anyone reading this thread think 'well i'm not doing owt for the people of sheffield for free - they'll just moan about it'. ok it wasnt perfect, but as a first attempt by the uni to do something like this i thought it was ok. This sort of thing never happens in sheffield. and the news have reported it positively all over the place so it was hardly a pr disaster. Interesting that none of the moaners entered the compo. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=369842
  10. How dare sheffield hallam and heaven17 put on a free event for the public like this. I am outraged. i would rather nothing ever happened in this town then i would have nowt to moan about.
  11. I recommend you pick this up on the gravel megathread, I'm sure one of our gravel experts will be happy to help you out.
  12. If the guy hadn't have been gay, they would be serving much less time - because they have been sentenced under new 'hate-crime' laws. Or if they were both gay as well, they wouldn't be serving as much time - it would just be 'vanilla' murder I guess. So the message seems to be this: 'if you kill someone, make sure they are in the same denomination as you.' But shouldn't it really be: 'all violent crimes are hate crimes, and should be punished equally'..?
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