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  1. So up and coming is defined by what the walls are made of, in your world? How about looking at facts such as house sales, house prices increasing, millions of pounds of investment etc. Over 250 families in the past 2 years have moved in and the rate is increasing. It might not be where you want to live but how can you disagree that it's up and coming??
  2. Why do they think they can park their stupid artificial grass covered van wherever they like? There's one parked on the pavement at the moment, just off the roundabout on Highfield Spring, with 2 wheels on the newly laid grass. It's clearly causing an obstruction. Why don't the police do anything about it? It's been there for the best part of a week now and prior to this it was in the Morrison's car park for a good week or two. It's the same with that Alex driving school. They buy a cheap piece of junk car, park it wherever they like, often causing obstructions and basically get away with free advertising.
  3. Just so there's no confusion, there are still plans for a Park & Ride at Waverley, though this will be using buses not trams/trains. SYPTE are currently awaiting a funding decision from Government to confirm if the proposals will go ahead.
  4. You really are a barrel of fun aren't you. What time is the world going to end, btw?
  5. I live at Waverley and 50yds from my house is where they're building the next phase of housing. There are diggers and all sorts at the moment and it doesn't bother me one iota, or the neighbours that I've spoken to, because I knew it would be like that. Anyone who buys at Waverley should hopefully have done their homework before spending £200k or whatever and know that the HS2 may be built on the lower end of the site at some point in the future. Therefore they don't have the right to moan about noise as far as I'm concerned. The noise from a few trains per hour will be far less than any road traffic noise i'll tell you that for nothing. If people want to live where they can spend all day long listening for that pin to drop then they can go and find some remote little place in Derbyshire if that's what suits them. I moved from Walkley Bank Road and the traffic in the morning used to wake me up everyday. The windows are so good here that you can't hear anything. So no, I don't think it will bother anyone. Regarding the house prices, I can only see these going one way - up. Once they develop the lake area with trendy bars and waterspouts facilities, that will have a far more positive effect than some stupid train. That doesn't bother me either as I intend to live here for the rest of my life.
  6. HS2 is likely to encroach on the Waverley land but it will be the edge closest to the River Rother so it won't really affect any of the houses that are being built at the moment. I imagine any passing trains will be going pretty slow around that area as they pull away from/approach Meadowhall station.
  7. A lot of that is still fairly relevant. You can see where the footbridge crosses the train line. That, to me, would be the ideal place for a station.
  8. Very well put. I also think that the amount of young apprentices working at the AMP/AMRC who don't yet have cars would benefit from this. ---------- Post added 10-02-2014 at 09:34 ---------- Get your facts right pal. The first phase of houses are at least 100ft higher than where the water level got to in the Sheffield Floods of 2007. Do you think I could get away with £15 a month home insurance if it was on a flood plain ---------- Post added 10-02-2014 at 09:39 ---------- Actually, Waverley is in Waverley. It's not in Catcliffe. I agree that for most residents of Catcliffe it wouldn't be a legitimate alternative, unless you like walking. For Waverley and the AMP it would be a half mile walk at the most.
  9. erm... Waverley? Really? 4000 homes due to be built at Waverley, thousands of employees at the AMP/AMRC, gotta be up to 15k in Handsworth, 10k Catcliffe. I reckon that's more than the catchment area of both Woodhouse & Darnall stations. The footbridge is already there. It just needs a platform and a ticket machine!
  10. What are people's views on a train station at the Waverley development? Currently there are stations at Woodhouse and Darnall and trains that go into town on a regular basis. Surely this would be a no-brainer as it would service the new Waverley community, Advanced Manufacturing Park including the new AMRC building which I imagine attracts lots of students who live in the city centre, Catcliffe & Handsworth. Something needs to be done about the traffic around the Handsworth & Catcliffe junctions of the parkway which is getting a bit ridiculous now.
  11. For anyone interested... http://www.waverley.proboards.com/
  12. Is Psy causing mischief with his silly dance again?
  13. Maybe the people who are really affected by this should start a petition? Doesn't make a whole lot of difference to me personally as I cycle to work but I can see the benefits for others and I'd certainly sign it. I know petitions often don't hold much water but at least it would be a way for the council to gauge the interest. As sheffbag mentioned, with the growth of Waverley this is only going to get worse. There'll be 3890 homes there within 20 years so something needs to be done about it now.
  14. It's not just the residents of Brinsworth this would benefit. Right now there is a huge bottleneck of traffic at the Morrison's roundabout and opening Wood Lane to everyone would help reduce this. That will benefit people coming from Catcliffe, Waverley, Handsworth, Woodhouse, Richmond and further afield if it meant that the Brinsworth folk used Wood Lane. Another point, why don't any able bodied people who live in Brinsworth and work on the business park consider walking/cycling? I biked it into Brinsworth this lunchtime and it took me 5 minutes. 20 minutes to walk I'd guess.
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