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  1. Its like a little toddler that crayons on the wall but never grows out of it. You obviously have a problem with responsibility and issues with which you blame society. May i suggest councelling?
  2. This is the argument of a someone with no argument I could shoot down every so called point you have but I cant be bothered because people like you will never understand. Can I tattoo Save the Environment on your forhead? It fits all your criteria?
  3. I can guess the accuser only receive the the money if the accused are found guilty. Its obvious you would do nothing but besmirch the police for their efforts, with which are strangely governed by COST and time allowances. Most crimes are neanderthall as your cave reference suggest and we can relate all crimes back to the beginning of a civilised society so you have no basis for an argument there. But ok, you win, lets give up and do nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. as a kid i might have biro'd on a shop door way or scratched my name into a park bench. I think we can all admit to some minor graffiti. Im talking about the habitual taggers that spray anything that moves and doesnt move!
  5. some people just dont get it do they. Generally the only people who know the offenders are their friends. And if it takes some kind of incentive to get their so called friends to grass-up their mates then why not? And we are only talking graffiti here? Take for instance the cost and materials of say two guys and a van plus cleaning materials to cleanse the streets of their graffiti. I can imagine the cost would be in excess of 40,000 quid a year. Take into consideration the graffiti might only be the doing of 20 individuals. You work the rest out
  6. shouldnt that be Imitation is the best forum of flattery!!!!!!!
  7. And your a c*nt. Just goes to show we're not all wrong
  8. I had a little scrote on a bike open the rear passenger door of my car whilst sat outside the corner shop on middlewood road, opposite winn gardens. Fortunately i didnt have anything for him to nick. I always lock my car doors now and i urge everyone to do it
  9. 2 tickets wanted for the birmingham game please. away end!! cheers
  10. Why does it have to be complicated? The obvious and common sense are often overlooked. Theres a book id like you to read explaining the true nature of problems and takes away the so called ideas of experts! Its called Freakonomics by Seven Levitt.
  11. here's your equation for you to save a bit of time people with no money and possibly low education living with like-minded peers = more likely to commit crime because of social pressures and other stuff people with money and possibly higher education = less likely to get caught
  12. I presume by saying townie you mean someone who is resident of a university/college city? Or do you have some other skewed view as to what a townie is? Tell me what group would you bracket yourself with. Obviously your uncomfortable in surroundings involving people of a warm friendly nature and you enjoy either standing in the corner trying to be an individual looking all moody in which case your a t**t or you like to be in places where men have scarfs in the summer and man-bags in which case your belong to the group of t**ts This is only my opinion and no other
  13. American standard strat with a couple seymour duncan pick-ups to thicken the sound. orange rocker 30 which im looking to sell now ive got new pick-ups!
  14. should that be funky or funnymiss...... its the way you tell them bye
  15. in your profile it lists wwe as an interest. and you want me to take your comment seriously? seriously?
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