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  1. Are there any magazines specific to Sheffield (or Yorkshire) news? So far I have thought of Exposed, Sheffield Star, Telegraph and Now Then Magazine, but surely there's more? Any online ones? Any more print ones?
  2. Hi Marie, Get yourself to 'The Firm' networking (google it, there are plenty of locations and dates). I have tried them all and that is by far the best and even though it seems daunting, everyone there will make you feel welcome. Advertising on Facebook isn't a bad idea as someone suggested, using targeted ads, although steer clear of boosting posts as it has the lowest return to cost.
  3. Chez isn't that business in a nutshell? What if I ran a restaurant that didn't get any customers, or a cinema with no viewers?
  4. It sounds like a perfectly normal business plan to me.
  5. From what i gather, this relates to formally letting part of the building on a more permanent basis, as in, paying rent each month, with a lease etc. Hiring by the hour shouldn't be an issue. Please note: I am not a legal professional!!! However, I had a similar business which hired out rooms, the lease stated that we couldn't sublet; hiring by the hour was never an issue. Good luck
  6. Any studios/recording hobbyists willing to take part in a little interview for a piece we're running on drum recording? We're looking at how different people favour different recording set ups. We will do all the leg work, you just need to answer questions! We will link to any studio site/band in our work. Thanks
  7. Can anyone point me in the right direction for cnc machinists who could manufacture drum-sticks in quantities of around 480 per time? I am looking at importing, but would sooner buy within the local area, if not the uk. Thanks in advance
  8. Just had the kitchen plastered by Ashley whom I found on SF. Here are is details: Xtreme Renovations Plastering & Home improvement specialists 15 years experience, all work guaranteed. Free quote 07980578990 xxxrenovations@gmail.com I would HIGHLY recommend him! Also helped us find a gas fitter and electrician.
  9. Adam Melia at Future Wealth is someone I would recommend. He is extremely professional and welcoming, he should be able to advise. His number: 07447939699
  10. hi, looking for anyone who could come and give us a quote on: A) moving a fusebox and wiring up for a ceramic hob and oven B) skimming kitchen Preferably someone who can do both would be great! Please email me at iamlukesanderson@gmail.com or text 07920282780 we're at wincobank.
  11. Hi again, They have several vans and deliverers so should be able to help. Currently delivering throughout the UK
  12. Hi there, Do you have an email address? I work for a client that does next day, none-palletised delivery. Perhaps they could quote you?
  13. Try Adam Melia met him through networking and he's really easy to talk to: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/adam-melia-dipcii/61/656/148 07447939699
  14. If you currently have a blog on your site, but aren't too sure how to make the most of it, have a read of this http://www.builditsocial.co.uk/#!Why-your-blog-will-NEVER-produce-results-and-how-to-fix-it-quick/ctd6/55c916540cf2c71b0c4abbb7
  15. Thanks Steve, It's definitely yes to q1 and 2, I understand what you mean. Perhaps I'll look at employing someone in the role then. Thanks again for your help!
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