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  1. my wife Marie,was one of the first people to have a kidney transplant there from a live donor,her sister Margaret,Mr Fox was the surgeon,it turned out to be one of the longest lasting transplant.she had it in 1974 and it lasted until 2014.at the time it made the front pages of several newspapers.
  2. i lived on the manor from being born in 1944 until 1955,my name Ken Gray,but iwas brought up by my grandparents,their name was,George and Edith Jenkinson.they had 3 sons Reg,ken and Henry and a daughter Rita.
  3. you forgot to mention also that most of the football is better than ours.G.B.football is all about players getting big wages,and the clubs making as much as possible from corporate entertainment and the club shop.
  4. just seen this thread,i am ken gray me and mick shep.both played in the same football team.we had a very good team.
  5. went to Whitby Rd,from 1955-1959 have posted on here long time ago,my name is Ken Gray,always pointed out though we had no sports ground how good we were at football and cricket,some of us should have played for Sheffield at both many times but were overlooked for other players from more favoured schools.we used to prove the point when we played them.
  6. started work at George Turton Platts 1959 my first wage was £1-17-6.trainee time and motion study.got so much agro only lasted 3months.very funny though when i started working as a rep.many years they were one of my customers,called Firth Vickers then i think but not sure.
  7. i played at little wembley against coleridge school for whitby rd.lost in the semi final of the clegg shield.they had a very good team,few of them played for Sheffield boys.also played there for Woodbourne Youth Club.funny incedent in the game,there were no nets then,our manager was Fred Wilson a really great guy,he was leaning on our goal post talking to our goalie,a shot on goal was going just inside the post were he was,he stuck his head inside the post and headed it out.he got a ban from the powers that be.
  8. the lady i think her name was Margaret,that they started off as milkman business and then went into ice cream.my wife Marie also told me you could pop down the road and buy milk and ice cream from the house. the factory i was talking about supplied to the retail market,it was a big site.
  9. me and my brother -in -law Paul Dunn played football with John and Roy,i think it was a pub called The Hodson,Reg Allen,run the team,remember a few players,Sid Dawson,Graham Rose,Graham Wells,we had a decent side.really funny that Roy lives in Unstone have not seen him for many years but that is only 10mins. down the road from me. ---------- Post added 27-02-2018 at 17:39 ---------- if my memory serves me right,Oldfields were still on the go in the 90s.i was a rep.and went into a factory on roman ridge rd,ind.estate.told a lady there i used to live on cyclops st.and she side that is were they started.
  10. it was Laurel and Hardy that called in at the Coach and Horses in Dronfield.
  11. hi harry my wife was Marie Dunn,Peter is my brother-in-law,also Paul and David.there sister Sue lives near me,and.Pat lives out Worksop way.Peter lives off herringthorpe valley road rotherham,not seen him for a while but we have just exchanged christmas cards.Paul lives about 5min. walk from him.David lives close by in Whiston.hope that helps you.
  12. Ref.should have Adebuyor off no excuse the foul on Reed straight red or when he pulled utd.player back bit later second yellow. The ref.also let Walker take several throw in's from at least 15metres from were it went out.
  13. All the goals were scored by different players.
  14. Take a look at bowls good club at Hillsborough Park always looking for younger players good social side and good teams.The facilities are very good and not an expensive sport.
  15. Still there now one of Firth Rixon sites my first job was there in 1959 worked in the time and motion office.Mr Wood got me the job.the main entrance was a very impressive sight and also the reception area.
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