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  1. Sheffield car valeting - they’ll come to you Just done my car after it’s been used to transport muck to the allotment Excellent service
  2. Are they out yet ? And if so, where ?
  3. Seems fine so far They’re overlooked by some flats so maybe that helps
  4. Long shot I know, but I’ve got stuck in the mud at my allotment in S11 I’ve tried several numbers, but no luck Can anyone recommend someone who could get me out - preferably before dark !!
  5. I have the Dowding book, but for an allotmentbif this size, I'd need more compost that it's possible to make or buy. It's OK for small areas IMO
  6. I've taken on a rather overgrown allotment and would like some help digging it over before winter.Can anyone recommend someone ! Don't want a rotavator used because of perennial weeds
  7. I've a huge pile of assorted magazines, Gardeners World etc Anyone want them ?
  8. Most allotments will ban the use of carpet They release toxic stuff into the ground Plus, leave them long enough and weeds grow into them, and it's a nightmare to clear Avoid !
  9. I dropped my phone in water. I've had it in rice for 48 hours with no luck Any recommendations as to where to take it ? I can't bear the Apple Store I'm in S11
  10. I've just been offered a plot on ecclesall allotments. Does anyone on here have a plot there? Any thoughts ? It looks to have only one standpipe on the whole site
  11. I had an allotment at that site, on the lower one It was in a similar state, I did get in some help to clear some of it, and got a load of manure to add to it, however because of the extreme slope of the plot, I found it was flooded most of winter and then dry as a bone in summer. Also a small stream seems to run thru some plots, I actually had a pond at the bottom In the end, after all that work, I gave it up. I don't think there's any waiting list there, but try to get one on the top site
  12. I'd be very interested - I've had an allotment before, but lost it when I moved to Sheffield
  13. Does anyone use Winter tyres, and if so, where can I get them ? Does the garage store your other tyres for you over winter ? Thanks for any advice !
  14. I have loved this thread, and I'm speechless at the selfless dedication of the OP in pursuing this remarkable goal. I note that it's already attracted a migrating penguin, although maybe some steps to access the nesting box might have helped. Well done ! I raise a cup of Yorkshire tea to you
  15. It happens a lot. The company don't want to pay for storage, so they leave it until they get the next job. Effectively using your house as their storage
  16. OK guys I'm in S11 I hope to get them down in the next couple of weeks, so will post you then Just wanted to see if there was interest before I dumped them !
  17. I'm replacing a fence, that the wind has helpfully blown over It will be taken down completely in the next few weeks Can anyone use 6-7 overlap panels ?
  18. Loving this thread One of the few that hasn't deteriorated into abuse. Please keep it up !
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