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  1. On good Friday morning at 8am our beloved cat was mauled to death in her own garden by two large dogs, one white one blue there coat is either short and curly or if they had been clipped and about a height of an Airedale. Some irresponsible dog owner had allowed these dogs to either get out, or allow them to just run off. This is in the Crookes area of Sheffield. We are trying to trace these dogs . Our cat died so petrified, both these dogs at the same time were mauling her, even when we got to her we were having to shoo them away from her as they were trying to re-attack her. She was lying there barely alive with blood coming from her mouth and died about 5 minutes after getting her in to the house, The vets think that they had broken her back. Now they have the taste of blood they could kill someone else's animal or even a small child. They are not afraid of humans. No one should have to suffer the horror and devastation that we are going through now. If anyone in this area knows who owns these dogs could you please put it on the forum site
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