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  1. Thank you love I just hope people see what me and my family went though and realize there is a light and shouldn't be afraid to go to the police xxx
  2. Not bad at all love I live on Barrie and its lovely neighbors are fantastic apart from old bits of trouble eg nearby roads its a peaceful xxx
  3. I do hope so fingers crossed they change there ways I'm not an heartless cow I just hope this is a wake up call for them both and they both end up nice lovely adults xxx
  4. Anyone no how I can listen to news headlines from the 12th may xxxx
  5. I no but hopefully they might learn a lesson from this x
  6. They got the girls who was involved took them in for questioning got the video witch proved everything now they on a youth affenders course x
  7. Justice as been served girls thanks to everyone for all support and kind words it really means the world to me and my family xxxx
  8. Yes your spot on wade w we do need to work together and luckily we have apart from this my two children have ad no serious problems at school they both doing well and a pleasure to teach but I do think these girls who are attacking others when they are on there own need to be punished and hopefully they might think twice about doing it again fingers crossed anyway xxx
  9. Thank you ever so much for that fabulous information you have been a great help and can't thank you enough for sending me down the right path I will keep you up dated luv take care and best wishes xxx
  10. No luv but school and Jacky no who was there and involved in the both attacks and Jacky said she will back me all the way with pressing charges xxx
  11. It happened on the 29th April about half 6 on Morgan road near 44 luv xxx
  12. Thank you anyway luv its beautiful to see all the lovely comments people have wrote kind regards everyone xxxx
  13. Don't no luv all I no its going round school but don't no who's got it x
  14. Thanks everyone for all your support unfortunately had no luck with finding video but my fingers are still crossed my daughter is well thank you the bruising as nearly gone but she's still very scared about going out thanks again everyone and kind regards xxxx
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