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  1. You seem to have missed my point.... it wasn't that shops aren't open, it's that stock is low and short supply EVERYWHERE, so unlikely you will find any in actual stores... just like being hard to find online.
  2. If they pay for the blinds.. .sure... But it's not just about the light, the main gate/entrance is DIRECTLY opposite my front window, every time anyone enters or leaves the school the steel gate slams and makes a right noise, any vehicles coming in/out of the place, such low engine rumbles, headlights straight into my window.. Kick-out time, cars parked all over (double yellows) and idling all over the place, such a racket I can't use the front room at all during the day/these times because of the noise.. That's not even counting the pre-7am deliveries (there are laws against such) and the noise the kids make....
  3. You will struggle to find one in a brick and mortar store, especially at the moment.. you may even struggle finding one at a decent price, and in stock online.. many PC components at the moment are in short supply and high cost.... I also need one, and am resorting to repairing an old(er) one I have instead of purchasing a new one.. (mostly due to cost, partly due to time)
  4. The School/Academy they built opposite me a few years ago does this, the building lights are on pretty much 24/7, and the 'outside' lights auto-come on at 6am-10pm, every day, even at weekends... (why? no school at weekends) the lights are so tall that the light goes straight into/through my window, when i'm sat on my settee they can get blinding... have reported a few times, nothing gets done.. Been a nightmare since the day they started building...
  5. Restart your router... if that fails, re-set it, usually a little pin-hole somewhere to do this.... (you may have to re-setup your WiFi network name and password if you reset it)
  6. .... Thinking about it.. how often do you turn on/use your computer? If you don't use it very often (2 or 3 times a month, once per week mibbe at most etc) then it could be Windows Updates causing slow-down, as if you don't use your computer for a while, the number of updates available/needing to be installed will increase, the longer you don't use it.. If you rarely use it, it's often good to turn it on once per week when you're around and not using it, - you could manually check for Windows updates every so often as an option..
  7. If your phone gets 290mb, on WiFi via your router, then the problem likely isn't your router or the internet connection... it's more than likely your PC Either some software running/downloading in the background, or some setting that is limiting it some how etc...
  8. When you say "on mobile I get 290mbps" - is this also connected to WiFi on your router, or via 4G/5G etc?
  9. I have thought about it, but it would cost like £600+ for professional data recovery, and it's not as likely they can or will do anything without the controller board too...
  10. Have tried, need to find an exact date match for the manu'f date... have 4 other boards I tried, and none worked... couldn't honestly even say which is the original one now either It was way at the start of it all, before I knew how it all worked - so my key phrases are also saved on the same drive (different location) :( if you do indeed have 99.9 BTC, then that makes you a millionaire, around 3.5mil USD
  11. I also lost around 1.13 BTC that I got paid out... it's sat on a HDD with a dead controller board.. I also lost around 300+ in a large hack on an exchange years ago... got a screenshot of that also
  12. Yeah, you have to go to your wifes computer, add a new printer, and add via the network share.. Just like you did when setting up the Windows one originally... it 'should' work the same, provided Linux is set up properly.... depending on your distro i'm sure there's plenty of documentation online
  13. It does sound like the share isn't set up on Linux... I know you said you tried to share it, but maybe something wasn't done quite right etc... and usually after creating a new share, you would need to add them as a new shared device on the other computer(s)... so they would effectively have one shared printer for when you were on Windows, and one for Linux What printer is it? Can it not connect directly to the network?
  14. try picture sheffield? https://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?searchterms=Corner+Shop&action=search&keywords=all%3BCONTAINS%3B%Corner%%3BAND%3Ball%3BCONTAINS%3B%Shop%%3B Look like the 1960-1979 starts around page 45 ish
  15. Another option, if you fancied a bit of DIY... Buy a monoblock sub amp, and fit it into the sub, turn it into a powered sub.. You can pick them up from between £25-100 depending on how much you want to spend and how good the sub is etc even if you don't use it long term, it's a project to pass some time, and will give you an idea of what it would be like if you spent extra on a proper sub, should you decide to eventually go that route after
  16. Hi, drop me a PM and we can discuss your needs... it should be relatively easy to sort - only the time it takes to copy files....
  17. Still getting this... Just happened on a reply now.. .Typed it out, and wanted to navigate the cursor to the middle of my reply, to add some info.. the cursor keys didn't work... Clicked out to another application and they work fine, even another tab on the same Chrome session works fine... It does seem to be totally random when it happens though, as I type this I try the cursor keys and they seem to be working atm...
  18. I don't see the problem? I see no errors or issues in your screenshots...? Unless I really am going blind 😮
  19. Request it again.. click 'Request Review' at every opportunity you get
  20. That seems to be right... Although each PC/BIOS may have subtle differences, from what you said it seemes to have been correct... If this happens again, Please take another picture of the screen/message (as you did before) even if it's the same as before... And if you can get to Windows (even by F2/Save&Exit then boot) - and check in 'Device Manager' if there are any errors anywhere... (You should notice just by opening it up) (Right click Start Button > Device Manager) Feedback, and we'll check other things after this if needed
  21. You are very lucky, as playing with the partitions in DiskManager like that could potentially result in the loss of all the data on your drive, and would need rebuilding and recovering... But, i'm surprised during the Linux install, there wasn't either A) an option to install on the Windows Partition, or B) a Linux Partition Manager that would set up the drive ready to go... at least / hlad you got it sorted though..
  22. You also have to think, the person typing up the 300+ page document, probably didn't have time to sit and check and proof read, then fix then get approval from the lawyers that nothing could be taken the wrong way, then change it if something wasn't right, and go through the whole process again.. Then there's also the fact that it's likely that nobody involved in the creation/draft or approval of the document, is technically minded in any way what so ever.. It's like, you try and create a 300+ page legally binding document, that covers all the points required, in just a few days, with changes constantly happening as discussion is taking place... I think that generally, people are often too harsh with details on things, and don't look at the picture as a whole....
  23. You also have to look at it another way, maybe they were under so much pressure to get it done, and fast that much was copy/pasted from old(er) agreements.... we don't know if they added some form of proviso about revisions or updates etc to be able to correct this sort of thing... It will be interesting to see what comes of this (if anything) or what changes are made (if any) etc...
  24. Awesome video... I have been following Boston Dynamics since before Google owned them (and now they are owned by Hyundai I believe) and have seen the progress since the first public iteration... It was probably twice as large, double the weight or more, and had multiple cables tethering it, and powering it.. To see it fully un-tethered is one thing, but to see how fluid it's movements are now is another!
  25. It has been reported, have patience... these things can take a couple of days normally, but with it being around xmas, it may take a little longer....
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