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  1. well, when I did it, I phoned 333 from the phone/sim, I talked to someone, and I had to have topped up the phone at least once so the sim was 'active' as they put it (think they were just trying to get some money though tbh) and they just sorted it over the phone there and then, and said it'll be up to 5 days to complete... (you could try 0800 3584916 - should go through to customer services bypassing the automated) But all phones purchased after Jan 2014 should be unlocked if directly from 3, if it's not unlocked then it's something 3 need to resolve as it says on their own website "Jan 2014" - threaten trading standards/ofcom etc, they'll soon sort it out for you.. I left 3 for a few reasons, but I agree, their customer service isn't the best for sure....
  2. It's strange, I had an iPhone 5S from 3 (when they were new and before I left 3) - it was locked, I had to wait a week or something, but I phoned them up, they said it would take "5 days" to complete, so I waited and within 3 days it was done.... I know apple can and should unlock also, once a phone is out of it's initial contract period.... There will be someone that will do it, you may need to keep the pressure on.... Did the iPhone come direct from 3, or via somewhere like CPW? and yeah, the S8 has since developed a couple more small cracks (due to being weakened) but surprisingly still works fine! I haven't forgotten btw, will sort u out as soon as I can....
  3. ok, well depending how much space you need, Google Drive gives you 15GB Free... have a look here, see if you can find one that suits your cost/needs... https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/cheapest-cloud-storage/ Theny you need to look into creating script(s) to backup if it's only an external drive, you may have to do this via one of the connected computers... if it's a NAS, it may have options built-in...
  4. First you say... "The amount of stuff we have, would cost a fortune for something like dropbox." So cloud options are out, then you say... "some kind of auto back up so amazon s3 or something similar?" Except, that would likely have a similar cost to DropBox - it's doable, but what you might want to look into is a NAS with RAID 1, (mirror) Otherwise, it's pay for online/cloud storage, or purchase a high capacity USB Thumb drive, and backup to that manually every couple of months, and keep it somewhere safe and secure....
  5. The only way to unlock it properly is from apple or 3... Get a 3 PayG sim, put it in and phone them to unlock it... if they claim it should already be unlocked (all phones purchased after Jan 2015 should be) then it likely is and you need to put in another network SIM, and plug into iTunes for it to get the new network/sim info... as for other phones, The Galaxy M30S, A51, A71, A50, S10 Lite, A50S, S20 Ultra, Z Flip.. (and more) all support dual sim... My S8 has a cracked screen, love the phone tho, just annoying.... it happened due to a £1 coin that hit the edge, cracked it.... bloody typical haha!
  6. Was an issue with VM yesterday.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-52448607
  7. I wasn't breathalyzed, they simply stopped me, warned me for going to fast, said I was causing a hazard to others and risk to myself etc, and told me to be careful and not do it again... i'm sure if I did, and they saw me they would have stopped me again, and potentially ticketed or something...
  8. I can say myself that you are wrong, I got stopped at the bottom of a hill by police for going 'too fast down the hill, causing a potential hazard to myself and others" or something along those lines... Was on a push-bike (hybrid mountain/road bike) - no motors or assists.... (was about 10 years ago now too) Unless they just had a slow day...
  9. Glad to hear it.. Keep an eye on it, if there's no more i'd say issue resolved, if not - it could only be part of a greater puzzle
  10. Who is your neighbours landlord? or is it privately owned? if she's renting, then the landlord has a legal requirement to install her a toilet, and relevant sanitation options! Document G of the Building Regulations 2010 states that Any dwelling (house or flat) should have at least one sanitary convenience [i.e. toilet] and associated hand washing facility. And under the "Landlord and Tenant act" The landlord has to provide you with running water and sanitation facilities to use it. You need to have a working toilet and a shower or a bathroom. You need to have at least one sink where you can do dishes and wash up. These facilities can come in unconventional interior layout, but they must be present or your landlord breaks the law.
  11. There will be various signs, similar to when a mechanical drive fails... You would get errors involving bad blocks, files might not be able to be read/opened, you might not be able to write new files or, you could get errors saying the OS needs a repair, you could get errors/crashes during boot etc.... But most are designed to preserve data, so even if you cannot write to the drive again etc, you can usually copy the contents to somewhere else....
  12. You need to be careful not to clear the wrong drive... I would use DISKPART and the CLEAN command (using this on the wrong drive can cause data loss, be VERY careful) - but since you already been managing partitions etc, I think it's something you should be ok doing (if you're careful ;)) Once you have done a 'clean' with DISKPART, it should be a blank, empty, partition free drive... I haven't ever heared anywhere about switching SSD's into 'read only' mode, even near end of life.... 😕
  13. It's Usually DEL or F2 I have known F12 on rare(r) occasions, and usually on older machines!
  14. the info I have bookmarked says "The cycles that meet these requirements (which affect two-wheeled bikes but also tandems and tricycles) can be ridden on any cycle paths and anywhere else that bikes are normally allowed." so I would assume it covers all, going over these levels needs a license etc... Source: https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/product-news/electric-bikes-uk-law-234973
  15. Does your router show as disconnected, or does it still look ok? the reason I ask is, Last time I used Talk Talk, we thought it kept cutting off, but it turned out it was only a DNS server issue... so using Googles DNS server(s) resolved any problems we had... ever since, anyone who has issues with TalkTalk - I check this first, and 90% of the time it fixes the problem/issues.. HOWEVER, This likely wouldn't work if it was actually fully dropping the connection, (lights on the router go off/change etc)
  16. For Electric bikes and such, it's more based on the motor power, has to be UNDER 250 Watts... (yes, they also use 25km/h or 15.5mph) but for ease of remembering, and checking, any electric bike/EAPC that has a motor larger than 250 watts is illegal!
  17. That's interesting... There are a couple of possibilities, the first of which I would check would be "Wake On Lan" - it's usually a setting located in the BIOS, Another option, could also be in the BIOS, although it's less likely, it could be "Restore on AC power loss" - this setting has various options, and one of which is if it detects the mains power is disconnected, then reconnected, it will turn on/start up the machine as soon as the power is reconnected... this is less likely, as you said they are in different rooms - I could see it if they were connected to the same socket/extension and this got turned off daily, but not in different rooms really.. depending on your ability/knowledge level though, you may not know how to deal with the BIOS though, so let us know... There's nothing else I can think of that could cause this, at the moment.... but will mull over it for a while
  18. Eye thing? I can't see an eye... I see a > in a circle.... unless i'm missing something?
  19. the OP said "Football Manager" the specs they listed are for Football Manager 2020 Old(er) Versions (pre 2010) might not work on Windows 10 any ways, so likely wouldn't really be a 2005 version!
  20. To be fair, it was a couple of years ago, they treated me horrid, the speed dropped over the course of a few years and all I got was "an upgrade is planned" - eventually got a date from them, and it never happened, they changed terms without informing or notifying me also... so I left them, went for EE, about 8x faster at all times!
  21. Generally i'd agree, but that would be just "Unlimited" not "Unlimited Data", they specify which part (the data) is unlimited, you're right though, it's all in the wording, and it's done like that on purpose
  22. well no, it is 'unlimited' you can use as much data as you can, just they limit the speed at which you can do so... they don't limit the AMOUNT of data, so claiming "unlimited data" is not false or inaccurate... so "unlimited data" can still apply, with speed caps and such, and is perfectly legal, and i believe all mobile providers have such a thing in place... even on those with 'limited' data per month, they can reduce the speed if you use it "too much" (always in the terms)
  23. I had 3's "unlimited data" I got a phone call after a few months, something about repeatedly using excess amounts, and they would start restricting my speed past a certain level (not limiting the data I transfer, just the speed) - it was dropped to 5mbps While it might be 'unlimited' there will be other terms in there, if you use too much / keep using too much
  24. Who said it's an old game? Football Manager 2020 is not an old game, it's the newest release.... The spec the OP posted is for this NEWER version also... it's all good offering help, and advise, but make sure it's accurate info.... And to the OP, £600 for a laptop to play that is overkill, Do you have any ideas in mind already I/we could take a look at or would you just like some straight links to some?
  25. the above should help, like most android usually in the settings under display or something.. there's usually even a search in the settings...
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