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  1. Turned it's self off? 

    I need a little more info, as most routers use a mains adaptor, and some have a physical switch on the back..

    Do you mean the socket was still turned on, and any switches were still on - but the router was effectively dead, with no power or lights?

    Or, had it just crashed, and still had the power light, but maybe not any others etc?

    It could be a few things, but the primary thing i'd point to at the moment would either be heat, or some sort of power spike/surge or dip...

  2. 48 minutes ago, pattricia said:

    I have used a cash machine for drawing out cash but only inside the bank. Today I thought I would try an outside one. After putting my card in I then found that the frontal instruction part was unreadable owing to the sun shining on it. So I could not draw any cash out . I explained this to the lady behind me who was waiting to use the machine after me but she didn’t explain anything but just got on with her withdrawal. How do people draw cash out when they can’t see anything because of the sun ?

    Cash machines have a polarising filter on them, that reduce the visible angle, the theory behind it is so people behind you/to your side cannot see what's on the screen, your balance, account number etc....

    This some times has the unfortunate side-effect of reducing visibility in the sun, I usually shade the screen (or parts of it) with my hand to see what's on there, also some times ducking your head lower slightly will give a slightly different viewing angle on the polarising filter, and may help seeing it in the sun...

    Then there's also, if it's a machine I use often enough, I just know the sequence of  buttons I usually press, as they don't change position, so don't even need to see the screen...

    4 beeps for pin, 1 for enter - 1 beep for "Cash" selection, next beep for amount (unless entering manually) :)

    but mostly, use your purse/wallet or something else to help shade the screen....

  3. Which "UFO Video"? 

    If you are referring to one of the THREE recent releases that the US confirmed were real, although they were leaked and should not have been released... They have been out for a while, talked about and discussed by and on many sites/tv shows and such..

    1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWLZgnmRDs4 - AKA FLIR

    2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TumprpOwHY - AKA GIMBLE
    3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUrTsrhVce4 - AKA GOFAST

    To me, they are interesting, but nothing ground breaking, I have seen "better" with my own eyes!


  4. Just because they are listed on amazon for 160, doesn't mean people are buying them at that..

    the RX570 is only £125 and beats the 970 in a lot of instances...
    the RX580 isn't much more....
    the GTX1650 is between £130-160 and will generally perform about the same, or better as the 970!

    As for the market, yes it did stagnate slightly over the past couple of months, lots of things out of stock and such, but things are almost back to normal now...


  5. you won't really notice a difference between 1ms and 5ms if you are just using it for general use...

    Really only when gaming, or working with fast moving/lots of moving objects that you need to worry...

    even then, 5ms is generally fine! :)

    there's a real rabbit hole you can go down to when talking about response time, but generally 5ms or below is fine for general use!

  6. Although additional cables, and cost of the switch and such may not always be a solution..

    I used to use windows remote desktop, since it was only me using the other machine(s) and they were just stood with no displays connected etc, it didn't matter - was just a machine dedicated to a task, that I accessed the desktop remotely... was only in another room tbh..

    if it's only you ever going to use the machines, then this may be an option for you... let us know your particular use case with a little more detail if possible...

  7. Plug in USB, Turn on Laptop, start tapping F12 for the boot menu...

    Select your USB from the menu that pops up... start installing Windows 10 :)

    What's confusing me though, is If you removed the 1TB HDD, then there should be no way that the lenovo recovery can load, as that's generally stored in a partition on the primary drive... Unless you have a recovery DVD, and have left it in the drive...

    If you do get stuck though, i'd be happy to take a look - contactless drop off and collection etc if needed!

  8. 52 minutes ago, willman said:

    It was windows 8 according to the spec showing on the base


    That might have been originally, but was it windows 10 when you last knew?

    if that was the case, it was upgraded to 10, so your license is now a windows 10 license, just go to https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10

    download the media creation tool, you will need a 16GB/32GB USB memory stick (it will clear the drive, so make sure there's nothing on there you need to keep) - this will create installation media for Windows 10, install that and it should be fine and activate with MS servers (as you upgraded, it would have upgraded your windows 8 key to a windows 10)

    You need to be sure its on 10 before changing the HDD though!

  9. 14 minutes ago, willman said:

    would i need a new windows disc for the clean install?

    I think mine is on the harddrivve of the laptop.

    I had though of buying a windows 10 stick and doing that anyway.


    Windows 10 or Windows 7?

    Was it originally 7, and upgraded to 10?

  10. I honestly would just unplug the 1TB, install a Fresh windows install on the SSD...

    then once updated and all drivers are installed, plug back in the 1TB, copy any documents etc over that you need, reinstall any programs/apps...

    It will be better for it in the long run, honestly..

    But if you insist on cloning, I would look into either of the above (both would have been my recommendations) - if you have troubles, you could try shrinking the partition of the 1TB, but this poses a much greater risk of data loss...

    If it's only really the OS on the 1TB drive, then reinstalling fresh to the SSD would still be the better option imho...

  11. 7 hours ago, andyofborg said:

    I presume you are using Samba for the file sharing across the network. You need to use WINS, on the server you need to set the netbiois name in the smb.conf file. Restart the services and name resolution should work with windows clients.  For linux and similar clients you will probably have to still edit the /etc/hosts file. 


    I've always found it easier, and less pain when troubleshooting, just to edit the hosts file on each client. It's 5 minutes per client and generally works and recovers after a mishap with little pain.

    You shouldn't EVER need to edit the hosts file imho...

    Unless you're blocking/blacklisting some sites/IP's... but for simple internal name resolution it shouldn't be needed at all...

  12. Yes...

    By default, windows machines have a name like DESKTOP-CX5408jks or something random like that, if you haven't set your own this will point to the relevent PC..

    on linux yes, if you set a hostname, this will be what other devices use to get to that machine...

    be aware though that using DHCP with hostnames, could result in errors, depending on how the other machines cache the entries/names etc.... you should always try and use static ip's where possible :)

  13. 6 hours ago, willman said:

    Could they have been during a transition from one supplier to another. 

    ( although I only found out last month that Vodafone still charge for picture messages by sms and ive been using them for 10 years)

    pretty much every supplier charges for MMS (media messages) as they use data/bandwidth to send and receive, which generally/usually don't come out of any inclusive data etc...


  14. 4 hours ago, swarfendor437 said:

    That is also true of when you want to create Windows bootable media - or a backup - you have to ensure there is nothing present ... or it won't do it!

    I generally dont have a problem, got a couple of USB's I often use for storage or i'll just stick them in and setup as windows install USB's etc.... never really had any problems with partitions....

  15. 4 hours ago, probedb said:

    Samsung has an app called My FIles for just that, but the Galleries app on the latest Samsung phones pulls everything to a top level afaik.

    It does pull everything to a top level to display as a gallery, but remain in sub folders, and you can still organize this way

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