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  1. Not had a problem with them before. You get 13 cleans for price of 12 if you pay in advance. The number is a Derby number. Just left another voice message and a text too.
  2. Hi, I've had my bin cleaned by Mr Whoosh for a couple of years now. I paid them up front in May for a whole years cleaning. Not seen them since! Left answer phone message and two emails but no one has replied. Does anybody know if this company has ceased trading? Feel well and truly ripped off! Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the offer Mr Pops but the site doesn't allow barbed wire. Thanks anyway. Your shed was a great bargain.
  4. Thanks for your advice Rabitter. I'll have a look on eBay to see if I can see a second hand shed. I'd have a go at putting a shed up- get some of my friends to help. Can't be that hard!
  5. Hi all, I've got an allotment, which I'm very excited about as I've been waiting a few years for it It's on a new site, so I'm staring from scratch and I don't want it to cost me the earth. if anybody has any old/unwanted tools/equipment I'd be really grateful to take them. I especially need some water buts as the site doesn't have water yet. It'll be turned on at some point but me guess not this year. Also, I need a shed, who does cheap sheds? And some wire or plastic to fence of the boundary from the other plots. What do you think is good to use? any advice most welcome - thanks.
  6. I'm currently on the waiting list for an allotment on the Woodseats site. I've had my name on the list for 19 months now and after speaking to the council I'm about 4 more years away from getting a plot. I was wondering if anybody who had a plot at Woodseats might be willing to share part of the plot with me until I get my own. To be honest I'm happy to do a bit of manual work in exchange for knowledge and a share of the produce.
  7. Thanks I have just booked a collection!
  8. Does anybody know if there is a cash for clothes collection service operating in Sheffield? I have contacted a couple of organisations that offer home collection but they don't cover sheffield. These are the organisations that will pay you cash for your old clothes, shoes, bags etc.
  9. Both numbers have now been spoken for. I've emailed you steve. Jayne
  10. Me and my running partner are no longer taking part in the half so we have two race numbers to swap. The race fees were £22 for each number. please pm me if interested. Thanks Jayne
  11. Thanks Bus man. I can't believe the typing mistakes in my post - I can spell...honest... The dresses in the window look nice - has anybody used Maxines before?
  12. What is Maxines in queens road. I've passed it today and there are sresses in the window. do they sell off the peg or is it made to masure?
  13. how can you hire a picnic bench for this event?
  14. Does John Lewis still sell dress patterns and fabric?
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