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  1. Good though the crowd looked in Endcliffe Park, I doubt any figures for there will give 'justice' to the actual numbers watching from various locations around the 7 hills of Sheffield! I went to what I thought was a great location about a mile above Stannington. Got a good view but not the great view I would have had if stayed at home a mile closer to Stannington where the jets flew over on their way out! 😂 Oh well, win some lose some!!
  2. Load Brook is indeed a small hamlet out in the sticks! The row of cottages (now one property) belonged to the small brickyard which was eventually owned by Wraggs before closing down in the early 60's when the tenants were relocated, a number of us to Stannington. Moving to Stannington was like moving to a town after Load Brook!
  3. The big negative for me with the current regime is the (poor) communication. As with this particular issue, the club should be aware if the press has got it wrong & if so, release a statement preferably from Mr C himself who seems a decent bloke with his heart in the right place, making clear what was said! Does the silence suggest the press have got it right? I sincerely hope not! That said, Mr C has to learn & learn very quickly if he wants the club to progress under his ownership!!
  4. Interesting comments from Brooker11 who was there & has been clear on his/her interpretation of what DC actually said. Surprising that if reported incorrectly, the club has not (yet) come out with a statement!
  5. Pretty poor service from EMT at London St Pancras this afters. Not that trains cancelled, that cant be helped but the poor info/mixed messages being given including around 16.30 a member of staff saying there would be no more trains today! So 16 of us manage to arrange a minibus (£150 deposit) & 5 mins before due, EMT announce train to Sheffield at 17.30. Glad they up & running but what poor customer management. Anyhow we're all reasonably happy in our mini-bus on the M1(Luton)
  6. George Cunningham (the artist), John 'Crusher' Bennett, Brian (?) & Dino (apprentice) were the diesinkers on the 'Poop Deck'. John Grant worked the 'copying' m/c housed in its own little room. Edgar on the lathe was from High Green if I remember correctly & another name was Roger (?), another toolmaker not to be confused with Roger the hook! Geoff Wainwright was the crazy guy who 'managed' the toolstore. He had done some boxing at some time as he showed once or twice if someone caught him with a banana skin or apple core or whatever whenever entering said toolroom with no manager present!
  7. Here's some Toolroom names from 1975 onwards. 'Alf' Webster, Kim Thorpe, Billy Mellard, John Donnelly, John Grant, John Bennett, Tom Winters, Alan Ellis, George Cunningham, 'Ginger' Whiston, Dino Maccio, Roger 'the hook', Ernest (lathe), David Plant, Graham Sedgewick, Alan Cockhead, Yard dog(?) Frank Bradshaw, Charlie Thompson, Tony (?) & not forgetting Geoff Wainwright (toolstores). Possibly more to come if think carefully!! ---------- Post added 13-02-2017 at 20:15 ---------- Sorry. It was Edgar on the lathe, Ian Steele, Ray from Development to name a few more
  8. Last of 2014 early 2015 snow nearly gone just above (refurbished/reopened) Top House!
  9. Ditto 1965 ... the only assistance needed was a hand-knitted balaclava
  10. Now if you were talking about the sometimes illegal & often dangerous, irresponsible & inconsiderate parking on the main road(s) there I'm sure there would be plenty of support!!
  11. Hi smary. I worked with Tom Winters in the toolroom at Viners until we were made redundant in the early 80s.
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