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  1. the line up of bands for the lowedges 1st ever music stage I have heard is heading towards equalling the sharrow festival music stage,but where is it going to be in the park and you should tell people the times and names of the band stage as its never been done before at lowedges festival,come on basset tell us the bands you have booked soon
  2. its a pity when 2 events clash ,but it seems that commonsense prevailed and it will be okay for everyone now,the lowedges festival must now be one of the biggest events in Sheffield now if not even s/Yorkshire,and its got such a mix and choice that there must be something for everyone whatever age its seems great to me ,and glad to hear that matter was sorted in a correct way,all that's needed now is a sunny day ---------- Post added 13-07-2014 at 14:59 ---------- hi tell us the list of the bands you are having this year as its your first bands only music stage,heard its not a bad line up for your first year,but music lovers need to know,so come on tells us all
  3. I have a stall there this year and it all sounds great,will come and see these cute babies if I get chance good luck
  4. ive booked to go to the lowedges festival for the first time they say that's a big event,and told that the Sheffield fayre was a great event as it had re-enactment and encampments,have they not replaced these with something else,if not its just a funfair with fruit and veg and flowers by the sounds of it,hope the lowedges one is as good as it sounds
  5. this must be the biggest event of its kind in Sheffield,checked out other events and they seem tiny in comparison or they have closed down,cannot wait for the day to come if I can get away from my stall I will have a proper look round,but to see it all it must take hours,see you there
  6. thanks that's him and myself sorted,mum is thinking of going in the tenants hall with a table top giving out leaflets is that permisable it is a well known company she reps for will be intouch bassett thank you so much for your help in every way,hope to meet you on the day
  7. any chance of a carboot pitch for my boyfriend like to make a few quid from a relations left overs from her move to a smaller house,whats left
  8. thanks put me on the waiting list for Christmas,but not outside its to cold in December and if anything comes up ,up to sat am contact me as I don't have a event on sunday,but might just come as a visitor as its sounds very good and if the weather holds even better
  9. is there anything left outside on the grass or any cancelations,i have a table and gazebo or December 7th thank you,hope you can help me
  10. thanks bassett one its all sorted and got my pitch number ect from your events maneger and look forward to seeing you on the day
  11. I cannot wait for the lowedges festival and heeley booked in at both,lowedges is bigger than ever by the write up in the events,but sad to see what looks like the Sheffield fayre being smaller and sad to lose Norton,but life goes on and no doubt there will be new festivals this year .
  12. got the form will fill in and return with my cheque on Monday,take it I will receive my paperwork within a week,so I can put it in the diary as confirmed,thank you for all your help
  13. my friend said theres not going to be any medieval or ww1 ect at the Sheffield fayre and that the Norton show was only having ploughing this year,some one must know about this topic first hand so to speak as I enjoy both events
  14. is there any of the stalls I requsted left as I haven't heard from you and really want to book or sort out what you have thank you
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