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  1. Hi, I need some help with my market research, I am busy setting up a photography business, and just need to collect some details, what people are mostly likely to be interested in etc. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8VL9PRD If there is anything I should change/edit, please let me know! thanks.
  2. Ah right, Yeah, that sounds good. Whenever is best for you
  3. Kassy Harris Photography if you're still looking for a photographer
  4. I am looking to get back into film photography in the new year and looking around for dark rooms so i can also do my own printing. Is there anywhere around sheffield that offers this?
  5. I know its a set, but i dont have a single image of it online but the right image is probably one òf my top faves
  6. Just wondering, do you mean an overlocker? And if so do you still need a hand?
  7. Yeah i use them on my digital, really hard to get sharp sometimes. It's probably not so bad shooting on film but i've never been brave enough to shoot a gig on film yet though. Always been tempted.
  8. I really like Todd Owyoung's photography. I have done some in the past my self, i don't particularly have the best kit (all of my len's are manual, from film cameras, so you can imagine it becomes quite difficult if they're quite an energetic band, however, i did get some pretty successful shots of Madness) but i still get on ok. Havent done any gigs in aagges though. Kinda miss it.
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