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  1. It's very sad for the Nottingham Peregrines this year . Both male and female still around but no eggs hatched and one egg has been eaten . There is a very informative Facebook group that follows their progress.
  2. **RE UNITED ** My cat, Alice, has gone missing from Newsham Road /Derbyshire Lane area S8. Last seen Thursday 26th Jan. She is a tabby with spotted body and striped legs/tail. She's neutered and chipped but no collar.It's not like her to wander far and I'm really worried. Could people please check sheds, outhouses, garages etc in case she has got trapped . Any info please phone or txt 07909351781 . Thanks ---------- Post added 29-01-2017 at 10:02 ---------- There has been a potential sighting on Mount View Rd /Gordon Avenue area of Derbyshire Lane. Photo's are on Lost and Found pets page of Facebook. Please let me know if she's been seen. Thanks
  3. My cat Molly had to be put to sleep a few years ago, not long after I'd lost my mum and it absolutely broke my heart. I decided I never wanted to go through it again. After about a month I started looking and saw 2 cats on a rescue centre website that had been badly treated and I knew I could help them. It took a lot of patience and hard work. Despite their bad start, they have turned out to be the most loving cats ever . I was still grieving and I think they healed me as much as I did them. I'm not sure how you know it's the right time , you just know xx
  4. It's a shame it's lunchtimes you need .I'm local to you and would love a dog to take for walks but I'm at work all day as well. If ever you're stuck for the weekend tho.
  5. I took on 2 rescue cats, wasn't given the full story on one of them. They said she was nervous but she turned out to be absolutely terrified of people. She hid in an under stairs cupboard in the kitchen for 3 weeks before i even saw her . It took a lot of time and patience to get her to trust me but we got there eventually. She's still nervous with other people but is very affectionate with me. Having the other cat ,who had her own problems but is more confident with people, has helped her come out of her shell. It's definately rewarding having a cat with problems and I'd do it again x
  6. Does anybody know whether Derbyshire Lane is clear enough to drive down? I need to get in to work soon. Thanks
  7. ack in April my Bengal cross went missing, previously a housecat . Thanks to the lovely people on here and posters, a month later I got her back safe and well ,so don't give up hope xx
  8. Yes, I accepted a fixed price, arranged a day then heard nothing. I don't have the kit and cant do it myself, I'll keep on looking x
  9. I'm a private tenant with a small garden. Due to some health problems I'm not able to do much physical work and as a result my garden is becoming overgrown. I've been trying to find a gardener to clear it and have had a few quotes but then I hear nothing. It seems that finding a gardener is like looking for rocking horse droppings! If anybody knows a reliable gardener this tenant would be very grateful of the help.
  10. She was on Smithywood Crescent, thanks to Nic who had spotted her , I put posters up. had a few phone calls from people who had seen her, then last night I had a call from someone who had taken her in. x
  11. Thanks for letting me know x Good to know people are looking out for her and others . Hope the one you found gets re united soon xx ---------- Post added 04-05-2014 at 20:58 ---------- Thank you everyone for your help, At long last Alice is safely home :-D xx
  12. Great news ! I love a happy ending
  13. I've put some posters on Woodseats Road. I used to live down on Lynmouth Road so possibly she might make her way down there eventually.
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