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  1. Thank you for all the replies, it was me that started the Treeton Grange fb page last week. I posted on here because some staff members lived in Sheffield. I will try the one suggested.
  2. I remember Danny, he worked in the cost department.
  3. Did anyone work there when it was United Coke & Chemicals or when it became British Steel Corporation (Chemicals) Ltd.
  4. Thankyou, I have contact with the School and they don't have anything about the School/staff, also tried Sheffield archives and local studies but nothing found yet.
  5. Help needed in trying to trace any possible surviving relatives of Mrs M.Beech(Christian name unknown).She worked as School clerk at Stradbroke Infants School,Richmond,Sheffield 1953-1969.Many thanks.
  6. I am trying to find a picture of the original Stradbroke School badge which featured a diagonal line with small birds on either side also any interior/exterior photo's from the 50s/60s/ would be a bonus.The School opened to pupil's in 1953 and officially opened 27th April, 1956 by Alderman S.H.Marshall.I have contacted the School but they said they don't have any old pictures or documents.My Sister in law has enquired at the Sheffield Archives on my behalf and they don't have any information either so she will try the Local studies Library next. Many thanks.
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