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  1. Heard last night that the flat upstairs was being us a cannabis farm and it was an electrical fault (heater lamps) that caused the fire. Not sure if the owner/s of Taj was the owner of the flat? Shocking news and just hope that Taj can re-open soon, even if it means moving to another premises. Now i know why i always liked it from Taj. After eating my green leaf curry, i always felt mellow and chilled out! ;-)
  2. Same here Sandcastle. Best Indian takeaway by a mile. Hope it's not long before it re-opens. Glad to know that no one was hurt.
  3. No. Just come down Leppings lane myself. Just taped off outside the takeaway.
  4. Taj Takeaway all taped off (Top of Leppings Lane) Police there with vans and cars. Just gone past but no idea what's gone off? Doesn't look like I'll be ordering from there Saturday evening. The gits!!!!!
  5. I did notice that the police copter was out flying above the area as i was walking down.
  6. Went past the Wednesday ground today and saw that police have taped off part of the pavement. Police tape from the news agents on Vere Rd to the edge of the Wednesday ground fencing. Police cars & van was there with 4 police officers. Any ideas?
  7. When was the roundabout put in place? 50's, 60's?
  8. Not saying i wouldn't have took them. Woy probably had no choice as we don't produce enough quality English players as we have far too many foreigners in English football. If i was to make a few changes in that squad, i would take John Stones instead of Phil Jones. And definitely wouldn't take Welbeck, he's just pants. Wickham would have been on the plane instead of him. In all honesty, it's a squad we probably all knew that would be going to Brazil. But It's going to be the same old England for me, too negative and boring football. If we get through the group I'll be amazed. We are years behind other countries and even the lesser countries are catching us up. I just hope we go out and don't be afraid of the opposition and try to play some good attacking football rather than the crap we've been playing over the last few tournaments.
  9. England squad: keepers: Hart, Forster, Foster Defenders: Baines, Cahill, Jagielka, Johnson, Jones, Shaw, Smalling, Midfielders: BARKLEY, Gerrard, Henderson, Lallana, Lampard, Milner, Oxlade Chamberlaine, Sterling, Wilshere Strikers: Lambert Rooney, Sturridge, Welbeck. For me, we wont even get through the group stage as it's a very tough group. Players like Johnson, Smalling, Jones, Henderson, Lampard, Milner & Welbeck are just NOT good enough.
  10. R.I.P Kevin Asquith. Another member of the swfc family taken too soon. Died earlier today after suffering a heart attack at Ipswich on Saturday following his beloved Wednesday. Doesn't matter who you support, you always should come home from a football match. Thoughts go out to his family & friends. WAWAW WednesdayFamily.
  11. Went in over the bank holiday and thought the place itself was nice but didn't agree with the prices they charged for the alcohol. 2 pints cost me £6.70. And as for the clientele that were in.....well i shan't mention anything about them, especially the females!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Just awful news :-( The 2 local women have been named as Shabina Begum & Anum Parvaiz. Two of the children have been named locally as 9 year-old Adhyan Nazim & 7 year-old Amaan Nazim. R.I.P
  13. It was a far better pub when it was called 'The Deep End' when Dan ran it. But he buggered off and it went down hill. That's when it turned into a Weatherspoons. Just can't stand the place now and never go in any more.
  14. Well that has put me off going back there!!
  15. That's where i live now Was digging for 9 hours last Monday then again the following day for 5 hours. And all for the kids....again!! I keep saying to myself that i would never do it again but then found myself to be doing it and and in the process doing my back in KIDS!!!!!!!
  16. It doesn't matter how many times i did my garden over, I'm always digging rocks, stones & bricks up. What a nightmare it is.
  17. Now that is a nice cafe inside and is always quite busy, especially during lunch time hours.
  18. This is twice I've come away from Hillsborough after playing Charlton and have felt seriously angered. Bit of a bogey team at home they are. 3 errors has cost us 3 goals and the game after a cracking first 8 minutes for us. Would have quite liked Charlton to go down so we didn't have to play them again next season.
  19. Brother and his mates went in the other night and didn't stay long. Quite pricey (Always thought it was anyway when was Yew Tree) Said he wouldn't eat there in the evening as it's just too busy.
  20. That cafe is bloody awful. Been once and will never go back. In fcat, I very much doubt it will open much longer as everyone says the same thing about it and sorry to say, it's owners. No further comment!!
  21. Can't see it being the biggest bar going...
  22. We play better against the teams up there. Will be a tougher game with a make-shift defence. But if we can cut out the defensive mistakes like we made against Forest, i think we'll pick up all 3 points. But I've been saying for the last 5 games or so, they have seemed like the players think they are already safe and they seem to be like end of season games where you have nothing to play for. Some games have been rather boring to watch. Can't complain though, at least we wont need to win our last game to survive which is pleasing. 3-1 to the Mighty Owls. WAWAW
  23. Wiswewood infants, juniors & secondary. There from 1980 - 1995. Still shocked not to see it there any more.
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