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  1. Hi there, Can anyone recommend anyone who does individual lash extensions that is mobile? Many thanks ShelleyLou
  2. Hi Mine has gone up once a year since I became a tennant. Over the last few years the amounts it has gone up has increased. Mine has just gone up again approx £20 a month. I am now paying £100 a month more than I was a few years ago. I believe that this is so that they are "in-line" with privately rented houses. I think the council need to remember that council houses are in council estates and aren't worth as much as general private housing. Also when you rent privately they also genrally are in better areas and in better condition. They won't be happy until no-one can afford the rents!
  3. Thanks for all your comments and information, your comments have all been really helpful. Exchange it is I think, then get rid of the new one so I won't have to pay all the charges for putting the work back and someone can get all the benefit of the alterations and furnishings etc. I'm happy to leave it almost fully furnished. I don't need the things in the house and I hate throwing good things away. I have had someone contact me on private messages asking where the house is etc. I have tried to reply but its saying I can't as I haven't posted "enough" threads, so I'm looking into it, so if you get this please don't think I'm ignoring you. Many thanks
  4. Its all about the fear of the dog biting that makes people behave. Kind of reminds me of the threat of being slippered at school!!! That made me behave!!
  5. OMG, this video actually made my tummy turn over, so God only knows what the driver of the car felt. Lets hope the biker has learned from this.
  6. Hmm, that would make sense! I haven't spoken to them again, I daren't!! Last time I moved houses they tried to charge me almost £1,000 because I had had "left" a new kitchen work surface that I had put in. ShelleyLou
  7. Hi, I have spent thousands of pounds making improvements to my council house and now that its time to let it go for pastures new. I am going to have to remove all the improvements and put it back to the original "state" it was in, otherwise I'm going to get charged by the council for them to make the changes. It's such a shame because I would happily leave all the carpets (all like brand new), made to measure blinds, fire surround, kitchen cupboards, fitted wardrobes etc so someone can make use of them. Does anyone know how I can get rid of my council house without having to make all the changes back, or if I can let them have it back "fully furnished?" There is such a shortage of council houses and yet I can't "afford" to give mine up as I'm going to get charged. Many thanks: help:
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