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  1. another 1 post user.... right then.. here goes... to answer all the above... your right. i do need a lot more business sense... never ever denied that for a second... this business started with one single post on facebook and has turned into the biggest business of its kind in the uk within the space of 6 months. i am in over my head, wont deny that for a second.. i have never said i am wrong, i merely stated fact, and replied to blond accusations that had no truth to them. as for the current state of the site, i really cannot comment. i took the site on in february, hiring from someone that already had a business running there. i was assured time and time again that all h&s was sorted, planning etc etc (by multiple persons). then when i personally invited h&s onto the site, it turns out the previous tenant had been ignoring sheffield councils h&s officer. so in turn, this meant the site had to be closed to protect both my staff and customers. i knew this would more than likely happen when i invited him down, but i cant risk the safety of anyone purely to run events. i have been given a list of tasks to do to bring the site up to speed (its not that much of a list in all fairness).. and things are progressing as expected and planned. the h&s officer is away until monday on annual leave so am waiting for him to get back to me. the new venues that are opening are confirmed, set in stone and good to go. they dont need payment form me or the business, its a totally different set up to the sheffield site. not that it is of anyones concerns to be fair. i have had plenty if events run without any issues in sheffield, and the events have been tremendous hits. yes. sheffield is now experiencing issues, its comes with using derelict and abandoned sites.it cant be helped, i would rather let people down and stop events than put lives at risk. yes, i have a lot to learn, i dont know how to run a business properly, my manners may not be liked.. never have i denied this... i never expected the business to do so well or grow so fast. i had one idea on facebook, and then all this happened... what your 'mate' seemingly hasnt told you, is what has happened behind the scenes in sheffield..... that would give you a totally different outlook on the way things are at the moment. SO INA NUTSHELL, YES, I AM HUMAN, I HAVE MADE MISTAKES, I NEED TO LEARN ALOT.. THE LIST IS ENDLESS.. I AM NOT PERFECT. BUT I AM GOING TO LEARN FROM THESE MISTAKES AND MAKE THE FUTURE A BETTER (AND MORE ORGANISED ONE).... ALOT OF THIS BOILS DOWN TO ONE SIMPLE FACT, I STILL, TO THIS DAY, RUN THE BUSINESS SINGLE HANDED, AS WELL AS LOOK AFTER AND CARE FOR MY FAMILY. ITS A LOT TO TAKE ON, BUT IF YOUR MATE HAD TOLD YOU ABOUT WHAT HAS HAPPENED SINCE BEING IN SHEFFIELD, YOU WOULD KNOW, TRUSTING SOMEONE IS HARD FOR ME AFTER WHAT HAS HAPPENED. ANYHOWS, AM SURE THERE WILL BE MORE NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT ME, THE WAY I AM..... I DONT CARE. I AM TRYING MY BEST TO TURN A CRAP SITUATION INTO A GOOD ONE. APOLOGIES TO ALL DAN
  2. again, how about you say your name... as your statement 'and the rest of the zombies' is clearly not right lol... funny that you cant put your name. i merely mentioned sheffield council as you have made it out to be permanently closed, which it is not... the h&s officer dealing with the site is on leave until the 9th, he is fully up to speed with all work carried out. so come on then.... stop hiding behind a made up username, as you clearly dont know what you are talking about.. i can quite happily ask for staff to message you stating that they have in fact been paid... so ball is in your park now 'no-name'...... or are you just a keyboard warrior trying to cause a stir and troll.....
  3. what a load of bull*** clearly dont know what you are talking about. the guy that used to run the events stabbed the business in the back and has copied it creating a duplicate copy of the event. he was deceitful and lied for months. yes, the site was shut for a fortnight, but i suggest you contact sheffield council as your clearly have no idea what your talking about. sounds to me like someone that has gone to work for the other person and is clearly trying to discredit the business... jokes on you you nameless fool ---------- Post added 03-06-2014 at 17:05 ---------- i suggest you be careful, as i know who this is, and we both know that there is a lot more to this story ---------- Post added 03-06-2014 at 17:11 ---------- you also forgot to mention that it WAS ME that got health and safety to come down... funny how you cant even reply with a real name... nameless keyboard warrior that has blatantly gone to work with the other person
  4. Afternoon all.... been a lot going on since the announcement of zombieXperience coming to Sheffield. Thought i would post a link with some footage so people can see what it is all about. Seems people were getting it confused with other zombie events.. well here it is... enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SR1E251pJhI and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpvf64mdlOs ---------- Post added 28-04-2014 at 13:35 ---------- apologies for not having full link, need 5 posts to post links, will edit once i have the post count
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