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  1. Nice plug but im a paintball player. The whole zombie thing jumped out at me. I think il wait for a few reviews on ZI till i go again
  2. my faith is shaken in the whole zombie thing which is a shame. Im sure the guys behind zombie infection are good people but then i cant help but remeber i thought that about hatton at one point :/ Sure we all did when we first signed up. The reason im hesitant with these guys is because i thought it sounded familiar. then i realised hatton posted about them. So i went back for a look. On 3rd july he posted a screen shot of them talking to one customer they added on facebook and they were pretty to the point about hatton (not a bad thing) They are new and obviously know Hatton. You can see hatton set them up with that fb screen shot but they replied and took the bait. Sounded like the same kind of reply he would of made to me... :/ I dunno. like i said my faith is shaken so im being thorough before i decide to book to go again...
  3. so this is the guy who had the sense to break off from hatton and ZX
  4. Thought the stan was done for? Are you the guy who broke off from danny hatton to form your own business cos it dont look like you been around long
  5. @dinkydudes https://www.facebook.com/annoyedcustomers
  6. Depending on your age you can get free advice through the princes trust or enterprise dept at the council. I started out there in business and got a lot of free handy info at startup. I never realised the value until now, im paying £30 just for my accountant to look over cashflows I made
  7. I haven't looked back to see if anyone else has posted the link but I know a fb page has been set up for people, by the ppl had their money taken. Might not result in anything but its a good idea for you guys to all get together ---------- Post added 09-07-2014 at 15:28 ---------- You know to come up with ideas or whatever...
  8. @tangoone Got money back but it took a while. A lot of excuses along the way but the most important thing is dont give up. The second you stop hassling him, well forget about your money cos he aint gonna come after you to give it back. I feel for him a little bit, he is well in over his head but at the end of the day its not the way to run a business. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but making all your issues public on facebook takes the professional shine off the business i think. Its not longer a 'good business' but 'a man' who has a short fuse. People arent friends they're customers and you dont want customers pitying you or being mad at you... ---------- Post added 05-07-2014 at 14:40 ---------- @waldo Fantastic as an idea it is, maybe theres just no money in it. I mean the sheffield site aint gonna be cheap to rent for starters, then you got staff costs (each zombie is another £40-50 per day, then swat on top!), make up, guns, ammo, H&S documents, insurance etc. It adds up and gets on top of ya. The issues flagged up here support that theres not much money in it as a business, it seems to be more of a hobby or fun adventure than a business for him hence why hes in over his head. He should learn from this experience, just a massive shame so many people have been let down along the way
  9. Hi tangoone same boat as dinkydudes cant reply to private messages yet. If you want to inbox me your email address be happy to reply to you
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