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  1. Heres the link: please show your support. Every little helps x https://www.facebook.com/events/278191232592519/?ti=cl
  2. I have 2 Dogue De Bordeauxs and my mum has 1 Rottie, 1 Lab & a blind Bedlington
  3. Katrina Shaw on Facebook - very very good cheap but good quality rugs x
  4. Hi I am selling my 10x12ish (maybe slightly bigger) Field Shelter. It was brand new at purchase and is only 10 months old. Bought for a lot of money. But open to sensible offers. Buyer must collect. Thanks
  5. Sounds daft my 2 Dogues stepped over my baby gate lol, I used 2 baby gates one above the other the one on top I hung it upside down so you coudl still get thru lol. Hope that helsp it worked for my 2 DDBs x
  6. He's only 6 months still a baby and testing how far he can get with you, get him to as many training classes as you can and speak with a behaviourist also the vets to check all health options.
  7. Murphy has been missing since Saturday morning, he has very little road sense. He's about 7 month old long haired, no collar and not chipped. He's gone missing around South Terrace S26 Area.
  8. Hi I have some fresh frozen Tripe, Beef and Chicken. 18lb in total I can deliver wanting 8 pound Thanks.
  9. Hi if you dont manage to sort something please PM me. Thanks x
  10. Why dont you just go and get your cat back?
  11. Thank you everyone, please keep voting Id love to be able to give them that sort of money to help them so please please keep voting. x ---------- Post added 28-04-2014 at 10:20 ---------- Your able to vote more than once also as long as its on a different day x
  12. Thankyou all my fur babies are ferals or rescues from Rain Rescue so thought I would return the favour as all my animals give me so much happiness so would return the happiness. x x x
  13. Heres my little feral fur baby Heidi - rescue from Rain rescue she was found tied in a pillowcase left for dead. PLEASE VOTE http://bit.ly/1lbwfHm http://bit.ly/1lbuo5p
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