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  1. thank you i will try and get it to you asap
  2. dell inspirion 1545 touch pad issue was working fine then stopped think it was a update that stopped it upgraded to w10 but still same ? but intermittent? read it could be a few things so not sure where to start some say driver,some say charger issue some are saying remove battery etc
  3. right it takes 2gb ddr2 max on Toshiba website but will only run with 1gb in or a 512mb in but if x2 slots are being used wont work use x1 slot not matter which one it works ?? ---------- Post added 31-12-2015 at 22:38 ---------- ok if going free
  4. put another match pair in 1gb kingston 2gb total did same but did install then bod then stuck a 512mb in and installed so will test more in a bit with more ram etc to old for a usb boot up
  5. toshiba dualcore laptop was vista . i have tried x3 hdd in it with same result i have tried to install x3 types of w7 also tried xp disc blue screen of death with this 0x0000000a 0xc002c984 0x00000002 0x00000000 0x808176c3
  6. a few names flying around again?
  7. Surprised he let buxton go always been a solid defender
  8. yes i have seen the youtube vids but need very hot soldering iron etc which i don;t have and battery packs looks mouldered together ---------- Post added 05-05-2015 at 19:18 ---------- yes that's great pal thanks pm me details when you can do it etc . NiCd battery not sure of types of cells they are ?
  9. sure these do drill batteries not just car,van batteries etc ??
  10. HI I MIGHT BE ON WRONG SECTION BUT A STRANGE ONE I AM AFTER GETTING X2 DRILL BATTERIES REPAIRED BOSCH 24V GVE DRILL LOOKING AT £80 MARK EACH FOR REPLACEMENTS ANY IDEAS ? told rare style same as link below http://www.allbatteries.co.uk/power-tool-battery/bosch/24-v/gbh-24-vr/nicd.html
  11. You tried the wifi on your phone or a different pc ?
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