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  1. There is a grey/greeny one on the allotments on Hatfield House Lane/Laverock Way if you have one missing
  2. We returned from our second trip to Hurgardah on tuesday. We had a fantastic holiday and hopefully will be going back again next winter. Although you do get hassled we find a firm "no thank you" with a smile is enough. We paid 40 LE for a paper but that was our choice no one ripped us off. By the way they were always yesterdays:) As a rule the people are nice and we tipped a lot cos what was nothing to us on holiday meant the world to them. I hope the trouble is over quickly without too many people getting hurt.
  3. Don't people ever listen to the danger warnings about sunbeds. Each to their own of course but at least think twice.
  4. we actually got one of those from poundland a bit back
  5. this what I get as a duty manager at somerfield
  6. Came home from work yesterday and there were two of our finest sat in their police car eating fish and chips outside the chippy at Sicey/Hatfield House lane. Wonder if they were still on duty.
  7. We still do I'm afraid. It's not 5.40 for example it's twenty to six:hihi:
  8. Sorry but.dogs and pubs don't mix....not these days anyway. I wouldn't want a dog sat next to me when I had popped in for a pleasant half hour, sorry. I hate it when people bring them on the bus.
  9. Our bin was emptied yesterday and they took all the extra, then this morning they came for the blue paper bin. Because we didn't think it would be fetched till next time we had taken it back in but they saw us through the window and asked us if they should fetch it. Thank you bin men everywhere for doing a job everyone moans about but few would want to do.
  10. My husband was born in S5 71 years ago and I have lived here for over 40 years. It may surprise people to know we have 3 adult children who are well educated and in good jobs. They never got in trouble and consequently I have 3 very polite, well behaved grandchildren. As some one said earlier the secret lies in the parenting. I also go for a bus at 6am every morning and have never seen any one I would be scared of. They are just like me...going to work etc.
  11. Must admit I agree a little bit and think some people my age are just lazy. If they are not infirm it does no harm to walk a couple of stops. I also think this goes for every one who clogs the bus up (waingate to spital hill springs to mind) and people who are going on a much longer journey can't get on.
  12. It's about time the pensioners fares were reintroduced ..... those 40p's would cover a lot of these so called 'costs' Here we go again having a pop at the oldies. I may be wrong but I thought the grey fare was a government thing.
  13. I think you are just trying to create an argument so i will bow to your superior knowledge and leave it at that.
  14. Excuse me....He was going to go down eccy rd to town instead of towards the hospital and rutland road...unless he was trying for a bigger fare and then I had to tell him where my road was.
  15. I was told when I asked one the men working there that it was a site compound while they did drives and cut trees ect
  16. I got a black cab from Ecclesall Rd to Firth Park last night and I had to direct him part of the way....Firth Park....I thought most of them lived round about there
  17. My wedding ring was bought there in 1969
  18. I won a scholarship there in 1954 and my base was Holt House. It's very sad the way it's gone.
  19. I always liked his voice and his cheeky face. R.I.P
  20. My biggest gripe will be the fact that us regular stagecoach users will have difficulty getting a bus. I never get a first bus to and from work and must admit I will feel a bit miffed if I can't get my bus because first passengers have already filled it.
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