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  1. Thx for that feebs, was thinking about towing down to a scrap yard, but was unsure which one gives the best price.
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows the best place to take a scrap car? I.e the best value at weigh in. Thx guys
  3. Hi guys, still enjoying the sun and free beer in mallorca, watched the game and absolutely gutted "AGAIN" as for mcabes next move i believe he's pumped a lot of money into the club but combined with an awful lot of mistakes on his part through the years we have found ourselves in our current position so it has all been for nothing, i think he needs to put up some money for one last push, if he dont he may as well do one and sell the club to someone with a bit of ambition because his has clearly dissapeared.
  4. Both m8, i'm that confident we're going up we could do it with 9 men...
  5. None of us are massive until we're an established premiership team, until then we're both mediocre clubs with decent support. Oh good to be back after my 3 day ban...lol
  6. Yeah and we won, why our attendance would be an issue for any wednesday fan is beyond me, have you really got nothing better to do???...
  7. Your promoted, start worrying about how you intend to stop in the championship and less worrying about our attendances, you make yourself look foolish and very childish...
  8. Surely it's better for the city as a whole to have both clubs in the championship and potentially fighting for a place in the premier league, look at the how the whole world has been watching manchester in the last few months, wouldn't it be great if that was the sheffield teams? The only people whov'e been watching us were watching look leeds or calendar lol, but your hatred runs that deep that you would have us fail and the chance of another great season like this one, oh well i guess it's the case with most owls (except corker...lol...) at least your honest, when we do go up i hope you dont congratulate us as it will mean nothing...UTB
  9. I'd personally stick with one up front with that one being porter with the midfield pushing forward a bit more, ifnot working bring cressy on and go 4.4.2
  10. The only decent cross in the game resulted in a goal, just one of them nights i suppose, as for porter he held the ball up really well at times and if he'd have got a bit more purchase on that header he could have put us 1.0 up in the first half. How can you jinx a game......lol...is that OCD or summat......positive thinking is whats required Missy...!!!
  11. No one can read this strange language you keep typing...???...
  12. Too true...lol...it's such a shame that the MASSIVE SWFC will never get to grace the new wembley......they are dying for us to fail even though some may say otherwise, they secretly wanted a trip to the mighty wembley themselves...
  13. Get some better bait pal......oh a speak and spell wouldn't go a miss either...
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