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  1. He does look unfit doesn't he! that was passion pouring from his skin you saw
  2. He is a fantastic manager. Thats ends that.
  3. Don't be stuck in the past. Live your life looking forward. He is an absolute fantastic manager for us!
  4. Even funnier is the smile thats just been wiped off your ugly mug!!! UTM!! ---------- Post added 25-05-2014 at 18:06 ---------- He is a legend! UTM
  5. Any park with large grass area. Unless you want no distractions then you may have to rent a room. If you have agility equipment and set up in a park you might find people want to join and you could get a little group together What equipment do you have?
  6. Has anyone on here gone through the adoption process? What agency did you use? How did you find them?
  7. The roundabouts still there? Just not grass in the middle, its now concrete.
  8. Thats when I have enjoyed seeing them. A few drinks and good company while they play in the background. Had good nights.
  9. They are good if you don't listen to them a lot because their songs do get repetitive.
  10. Not been confirmed or denied as yet.
  11. My posts are fine thank you very much. Im so pleased you are that interested in me that you searched my post history! #stalker! You once again missed the point. Im guessing its not the only thing you are missing ---------- Post added 20-05-2014 at 23:54 ---------- Back at you
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