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  1. Hi Suzanne, Yes of course you are more than welcome to join the group. If you search for Fancie Book Club on Facebook all the details of meetings and books we reading are up there. Any problems give me a shout Laura
  2. Hey everyone, so I had booked onto an event earlier this month. It was a treat for my son after he did really well in some exams at school. But after trying to contact Dan Hatton re: details I started to get concerned. On the day of the event I received an email saying the event had been cancelled. I asked for a refund and received it pretty quickly. After seeing all the drama on twitter last night I checked my bank and saw that the refund never actually happened. I have just called Gloucestershire Police and asked to speak with Kim Mowdry (just to be on the safe side and ensure he existed) he has advised that we send an email to Gloucestershire Police so they can gather evidence to put a case forward to CID as Kim Mowdry only deals with bicycle theft. He asked me to share this email with you, 101@gloucestershire.pnn.police.uk quoting incident number 3098714 The Action Fraud Reference is 140700689457 Hope that helps a little. Lets hope Mr Hatton gets all he deserves.
  3. Fantastic advice, shall go potatoe seed hunting at the weekend and get my wellies out for the plastic bag/clearing session!!!
  4. I have the same problem, we have just taken on an allotment on the hagg site and its covered in weeds, its also fairly boggy!! Was going to use some old carpet but after reading this will give the black poly a go!! Thanks
  5. I am wanting some lovely climbing plants - was looking into clematis, forgot all about honeysuckle!!
  6. sounds great, do you have parking or is it street parking?
  7. Ah yes I have just found that out as I tried to send a message - not a problem - I shall go leave some comments on posts, thank you
  8. Hi there, Just wanted to let people of Sheffield know about a little book club, we meet every third Tuesday of the month, 7-9pm, Ecclesall Road. We have some spaces for new members if anyone is looking for a small friendly relaxed club. Please message me for more details if you are interested. Thanks Laura
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