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  1. If this does not sell i can collect it tomorrow.
  2. the new normal? will last less than a month. the old normal was good enough for most of us.
  3. That does not describe a pub to me, not in any way possible.
  4. I will pop out for a pint, when the pubs reopen which is not this saturday whatever they are, this set of rules they may follow certainly doesnt make them pubs.
  5. There are not a lot of places you can go with one. i cant think of a single one.
  6. http://www.throwingstuff.co.uk Just a little offshoot of mine.
  7. as someone pointed out on another forum is there a link to the newly created TRO that they will use to enforce the fines? if not. then prove anyone is in a queue and not just waiting to drive past is going to be very very difficult
  8. if tomorrow you had a forced 20% wage cut could you still afford to pay your bills? put food on the table? i returned to work on monday after 2 months off. with that 20% cut i was not "loving life" on 80% of my wage i was struggling to pay my way. i do not have 20% of my wage available spare to just stop getting every month. i need the lot.
  9. Some folk treat it as a sport. There are competition's and Championships. Personally Its just a hobby that occasionally I get to be paid for. https://youtu.be/V3OZ5HH93WI
  10. those that will come to a customer are very rare. they would have to carry a full set of spare parts. plus all their tools. you will need to go to them.
  11. Is anyone interested in learning to knife throw?
  12. No it's not Most places are lovely
  13. same here. never been able to see whatever it is that everyone else sees in it
  14. not even slightly irrelevant. many posters are trying to justify their need to be somewhere 15 seconds earlier, when the safety aspects of reducing the limit are far more valuable.
  15. have you managed to not see all the if i drive 130 miles at 70 i will same an hour over driving that distance at 50 posts on this thread. so to the original post. anyone driving at 70 over the last few inches of the parkway will save exactly how much time over driving that same distance at 50, assuming this mythical constant 70 is actually possible.
  16. For those who are now rabbiting on about this mythical ability to drive at a constant 70. If your car is modern enough. Post up the average speed driven from the dash display You might be surprised how slow you actually manage
  17. Nice opinion. Although W10 is not a bad os For instant boot up All day battery No virus concerns The Chromebook is the better buy
  18. I have used Chromebook almost exclusively for the past few yrs. It does what I need. Plus it's light. Battery life is great And was cheap
  19. I travel in and out of the uk around 20 times a yr from dover. the next ferry is a couple of hours away, not 12 hrs. even if you miss the very last one on an evening, the next day starts at 6am. anway, thanks for the valuable input about driving in france. i look forward to hearing how that has a relevance to the parkway.
  20. Not timid here, Frugal. i get close to 20% more efficiency plodding along with the lorries. and that is worth far more to me than the saving of a few minutes on a journey.
  21. I used to love kelham island. Never go there now. To many people looking for the next cool thing. I am sure the trendy crowd love it. But no longer my cup of tea
  22. Has Alan gone? i was a 3 nights a week regular until he came. never went back in.
  23. I would not say he was militant. Just accurate. And facts seem to scare people.
  24. i did one a few yrs ago, and my gf did one about a month back. i went into it unsure what to expect but quite bitter that i felt it was a cash raiser. came out thinking the opposite. turned out to be quite an interesting and informative afternoon, i drive better now and my motorway mpg has risen by around 5mpg so the course has probably paid for itself a number of times.
  25. if you "work" in the the centre your unlikely to be work out after work. hardly in the steelworks etc. so full of energy to ride home after a hard days sitting at a desk. or wandering around a shop
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