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  1. of course it is. thats why the vouchers are valid for Mcdonalds, nando's and a bunch of other junk food outlets!
  2. next on the list half price fags and free chocolate.
  3. no problem come find me in ten yrs time if the queen gets to 104yrs old. i will buy you a pint if she doesnt. will you gracefully accept i was right?
  4. Do you imagine the Queen has a decade left?
  5. No Obese or overweight is a lifestyle choice. Like type 2 diabetes is the prize for being a slob. Should the UK be bankrupt because 29 % made bad life choices And 35,%. Have made some as well Should shops go bust because some people can't drink less, eat less or exercise more?
  6. I doubt many 90yr olds had many more years left.
  7. bbc radio 2 today jeremy vine 12:10 Ian duncan smith very very interesting his statement on there only 4% of those who died with covid 19 did not have underliening health problems. so. if there where 50,000 claimed deaths it only killed 2000 healthy people lets put that another way the uk, bankrupt. for a 1 in 33,000 chance.
  8. the new normal? will last less than a month. the old normal was good enough for most of us.
  9. That does not describe a pub to me, not in any way possible.
  10. I will pop out for a pint, when the pubs reopen which is not this saturday whatever they are, this set of rules they may follow certainly doesnt make them pubs.
  11. There are not a lot of places you can go with one. i cant think of a single one.
  12. http://www.throwingstuff.co.uk Just a little offshoot of mine.
  13. as someone pointed out on another forum is there a link to the newly created TRO that they will use to enforce the fines? if not. then prove anyone is in a queue and not just waiting to drive past is going to be very very difficult
  14. if tomorrow you had a forced 20% wage cut could you still afford to pay your bills? put food on the table? i returned to work on monday after 2 months off. with that 20% cut i was not "loving life" on 80% of my wage i was struggling to pay my way. i do not have 20% of my wage available spare to just stop getting every month. i need the lot.
  15. Some folk treat it as a sport. There are competition's and Championships. Personally Its just a hobby that occasionally I get to be paid for. https://youtu.be/V3OZ5HH93WI
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