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  1. chappi

    Chapeltown - Oak House Restaurant

    yes its very good worth a visit
  2. chappi

    Accountant for sole trader

    yes my daughter helen is a chartered accountant and runs her own business based in hoyland, website is poppy accounting limited. thanks
  3. chappi

    Birdcage Hoyland.

    went about 1970 6th form at ecco school
  4. any news on home deliveries
  5. chappi

    Oktoberfest Sheffield

    Special event so worth paying more
  6. chappi

    Beer festival at the keys hoyland

    Excellent food there as well
  7. chappi

    Chimney house kelham island

    any idea of prices ---------- Post added 28-06-2015 at 21:29 ---------- looks nice son coming from sydney
  8. any updates on this event
  9. chappi

    Cubana sheffield

    anybody had a function there looks good on website
  10. staindrop lodge:) ---------- Post added 28-06-2015 at 21:40 ---------- jimalah is good
  11. thinking of booking a wedding there anybody been to this venue looks good for a taste of sheffield

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