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  1. I always think that a local and reasonable distance means you don't have to use any form of transport other than your feet or human powered vehicle. I regularly walk to the dam and round it before making my way back home (in better times this would have meant a stop off at a local hostelry but I always walked it back home) when the weather was up to it so for me this is a round trip of 12 or 13 miles. I haven't done this walk during the lock down, mainly because my other half wouldn't manage it but we have been for a couple 9 or 10 mile walks so if this lock down continues for much longer we may be able to do it together
  2. A little bit of research actually finds the draft details in the bill (try here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-bill-summary-of-impacts/coronavirus-bill-summary-of-impacts) The first part of the document details the fact that this is a temporary measure to cope with the current pandemic and allows for certain steps to be taken that will help with increasing demand and (further) reductions in staff due to them being unavailable to work due to the disease. The actual part the OP is discussing can be found and the summary of the details and rationale are there for all to see. Extracts below NHS and local authority care and support This summary of impacts covers three provisions: Provision that in a coronavirus outbreak a Local Authority (LA) may lawfully prioritise who and what type of needs it will meet, rather than being required to meet all eligible assessed needs as specified under the Care Act 2014 (as at present). Provision that in a coronavirus outbreak LAs may lawfully determine whether and the extent to which it will carry out assessments of individuals’ needs or review care plans, or carry out financial assessments, rather than being required to carry these out in all cases required by the Care Act 2014 as at present. Provision for the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to direct LAs in relation to the prioritisation of services to meet care and support needs in accordance with guidance issued by the Department of Health and Social Care. These changes to the Care Act 2014 would only be triggered if the spread of coronavirus was such that the Secretary of State considered LAs to be at imminent risk of failing to fulfil their duties under the Care Act 2014 and would be deactivated at the conclusion of the emergency period. Even during the operation of these changes, LAs would still be expected to continue meeting all of their duties under the Act if they are able to do so. It would though allow them to prioritise the provision of services if needed, including requiring them to meet needs in order to prevent individuals’ human rights being breached.
  3. I visited both York and Sheffield 'Christmas' Markets last weekend and they were both the same. The only thing Christmassy about them was a couple of stalls selling baubles ETC. The rest were the same sort of thing that you would see in any other market that appears throughout the year. In York there was as much Christmassy stuff in the little market just of the Shambles than in the 'proper' one (and it was cheaper). It was also interesting to see that there were quite a few shops in York that were closing down (including a Debenhams) so it looks like it isn't only Sheffield that is struggling.
  4. If I remember rightly QPR had an EFL penalty applied after they were promoted to the Premier League and they had the penalty held until they were relegated at which time it was enforced. Could well be the case for Wednesday but if it is a points deduction that takes them out of the promotion places it could get very interesting.
  5. Went and got our Christmas tree from a local farm this weekend. Tree chosen whilst still in the ground and will only be cut down on the day of delivery (though you can get yours cut down straight away if you want to take it with you - though ours wouldn't fit in the car)
  6. Went Thursday evening and tried quite few different beers (managed to only have one disappointing beer (my fault really as I went on whim but it just didn't hit the spot I thought it would taste wise). Did my usual and forgot my prepared list but just about managed to find everything to try and one of those I missed had already sold out anyway as well as a couple I hadn't spotted. Liked the idea of getting beer tokens in the price as there was a bit of a queue at the token point where we first went so was able to go and get a nice half to try whilst waiting which made the queue less of a chore. Does anyone know the winners of the champion beer? Had a quick look on the Camra site but nothing has been posted and didn't see any mention at the event
  7. Interesting article in the Daily Mail that talks about this https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7408485/MARTIN-SAMUEL-Dont-blame-elite-demise-Bury-fall-business.html
  8. I would have thought that the biggest problem to getting a non merry go round manager is the timing. I would have thought that most decent (even if unknown to us in the UK) European Managers and up and coming younger managers would be in jobs. That means that DC would have to first identify a manager, then ask his current club for permission to speak to the manager and get something sorted. TBH I can't see many clubs giving permission at this late stage as they would possibly then be in the same position as Wednesday. So Unless there is a a Manager out there willing to do a Bruce and resign then I can see this being a bit awkward. That then leaves one of the usual suspects or a possible out of the blue out of contract European manager who will probably have no working knowledge of the Championship. I have heard said that Bullen doesn't want the job (only from fans not seen this in writing) but surely it is in Wednesday's best interest to ask him to do it for the length of time it takes to get in another permanent manager, even if this entails bringing in people to help him out in the meantime.
  9. Just found this on the Supertram twitter feed, work being done by AMEY and not supertram More Tonight is the first night of road surfacing works by Amey outside Hillsborough Interchange. On Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th July the SL1/a and BL2 replacement bus services will operate on the route below from 10pm to the end of service.
  10. There is a raffle, auction, BBQ, face painting, a bouncy castle (the car park will be closed off) plus bake sale (all from the poster on face book and in the pub)
  11. Please note that there is a tractor rally around the Bradfield and Dungworth Area on Sunday 07/07/2019. This event is raising money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and consists of a convoy of 30+ tractors (who all pay to enter) and then events in the Nags Head Pub in Loxley. Please see below for details of the route taken as this amount of tractors can cause hold ups if you are in the vicinity. The tractors will be leaving Storrs Green Farm at 11:00 AM and go along Stannington road to it's junction with Oldfield Road before heading out on Oldfield Road, onto Church Road and then turning Left past the Crown and Glove and heading out on Riggs High Road ETC, eventually turning right onto Mortimer Road. It then continues all the way through Strines, back into Low Bradfield and then on New Road past the Dam before heading up through Dungworth to Our Cow Molly at 13:00 hours approx where the tractors will pull up for a break. After the break the tractors will depart at 14:00 approx and go down Lea Moor Lane, Storrs Lane and then up Rowell Lane turning left at the top and heading out towards Bradfield (passing the Nags Head pub at about 14:15) and will then go up through High Bradfield, up past Kirk Edge and onto Onesacre Lane, Peat Pits Lane, Brightholmlee Road and then via Bent Hills Lane and Raynor Syke Lane down onto Lumb Lane, Onesmoor Bottom, Burnt Hill Lane, and Burton Lane to the edge of Oughtibridge. Then on to Haggstones Road into Worrall , onto Towngate Road, Kirk Edge Road, Moor Road, Holdworth Lane and onto West Lane to go back down to Loxley Road where the tractors will be parking up at approx 15:00 Full details can be found on Facebook by searching for Tractor Rally 2019 Mods please note that I have placed this in the News and Discussions and not the going out section due to the information above about the traffic issues
  12. It has been a lot better without the trams but it isn't perfect. It only takes a minor issue anywhere in the area and it can take ages to sort itself out again
  13. It isn't just the traffic light sequencing the needs looking at. The whole area needs reviewing. Yesterday at about 5 pm it was an absolute dogs dinner between Bradfield Road and the bottom of Ripley Street. Ripley Street looked to be blocked solid as nothing could get up from either side. This meant a queue of vehicles all the way from the junction at Bradfield Road so everything was stopped. I was walking from the bottom of Forbes Road and as I got closer to the junction a bus was blocking all the traffic from getting from Bradfield Road to either Holme Lane or onto Langsett Road. This appears to have eventually helped clear Ripley Street as traffic started flowing again. To me it is a simple case of too many vehicles (private and public transport) and not enough open roads so the whole area needs looking at.
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