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  1. Just come down the Parkway heading for Sheffield - but the lanes heading for the M1 blocked right back from Mosborough by-pass exit to Wicker - any idea what has happened?
  2. Went shopping on Saturday - parked in the upstairs car park - saw the slope had been opened down to Morrisons main car park area - any one know if this a permanent change and if so - what a great move!
  3. Thanks andyofborg - of course I noticed it - I was in it - what I was suggesting that a simple one way system operating on two side streets may help to remove some traffic from the queue waiting to turn left up Leppings Lane. No criticism of the road works - but a way to speed up the traffic!
  4. Tried to get home from BQ turn off heading towards Leppings Lane roundabout yesterday along Penistone Road Traffic- just like - well like Black Friday shopping queue- so thought - well I can cut up one of the side roads (trying to get up to Parkside Road and Wadsley Lane) - so I endured 20 minutes from BQ turn off to Wednesday Ground - and lo and behold - the roads were blocked off - 'residents only' - so all the cars who could simply turn left and vanish from the Black Friday queues were trapped up to Leppings Lane and Law Brothers - wot a silly silly thing to do oh wonderful council workers and road layers! Cause major hold ups when a simple left turn only off Penistone road and 'no entry' from Leppings lane on Vere Road(preventing nose to nose as folk try to go up and come down) or the other would have allowed folk to get home and get on! Yes - feeling for the residents on these roads - but I suspect nothing really much more than an ordinary day - and helping us all out as well! So what could have been reduced by at least 15 mins turned out to be a nightmare! Whose plan is this - someone who is even now I suspect smirking at the inconvenience yet again for the folk trying to get home after a full days work.
  5. Let me speculate - will they cut back on consultants, on refurbishment of new offices (throwing out good and serviceable equipment because it doesn't match the new decor), will they chase up those who owe money with serious intent on getting the money in, or will they scout round and say - ha ha - lets clobber the elderly, the sick, the disabled,those with special needs, those who rely on us for the everyday privilege of life - what a good idea - lets slash welfare, lets slash support, but hey ho lets keep our offices nice and warm and say - "its not my problem guv!"
  6. Hi - I need to buy a load of whole cloves to decorate Christmas oranges - any idea who sells cloves in Sheffield?
  7. I just wonder what is important here - a school sets rules - some of which are to ensure the safety of the students. No like the rules - no go to that school. But even more important, when a student leaves school and goes along for job and is told the rules and expectations of that employer - will he/she say - I'm not doing that! Education is not simply RRR- it is about learning to live within a society, be that school or college or Sheffield or wherever and accepting the expectations of that society. Wearing earrings, even taped can be a health hazard - and I am sure that a 1 hour without the jewellery will not cause the piercing to heal. Please look to your child's future and what is important about school life - support the school and encourage your youngster to accept something she may not like, but is part of life - respect for expectations and rules- whether we agree with them or not.
  8. Anne - its for a Church harvest supper - about 60-80 people including children
  9. Looking for a barn dance caller who can work from CD's rather than cost of band - any ideas?
  10. Just driven along Penistone Road - looked as though there was a big fire down by the river near Burrows car dealership - not sure what though
  11. anyone having problems with Virgin telephone in the storm?
  12. Hi - looking for good firm for a pie and pea supper for about 80 people in October - to make ,bake and deliver HOT! Any recommendations?
  13. Help needed with shed base. I am wanting to buy an 8x8 shed base - preferably an adjustable one because of the ground - any thoughts ?
  14. Crawshaws - Hillsborough or Stocksbridge - brilliant local meat- not the cheapest but arguably one of the best!
  15. My son (35 yrs old)has leaning difficulties - he works - every day - 8.30-4.30 - and he really loves his work - it is hard manual work - but to have the privilege of working he now has to pay £2+ a day to get to his place of work - he exists on Income Support and Disability Living allowance (middle and lower rate). He, and the rest of the team he works with, live and breathe their work - it gives them a sense of worth and enables them to engage in the work place , with support, every day . Its a good job I can afford to support him as well - how many of his work mates do not have parents or carers who can support.Once again the most vulnerable are the easy targets for those 'in power'! Dare I say - Discrimination- against the most needy in our society ?
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