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  1. Facts aren't a 'point of view'. My friends and colleagues are also "informed by years of work with rough sleepers" - these are the facts and statistics they operate by. I'm not quite sure when the figures returned "3" as the number of people rough sleeping (certainly more than 10 years ago, as the current records only go back back 10 years and this figure isn't part of them). A bit surreal how you claim people have their view "defined by friends anecdotes and statistics" (the two things are at stark odds!) then offer.....personal anecdotes as to why we should not believe facts and statistics at all. As mentioned before- those I know closely, who are very involved in this line of work, abide by these facts and statistics in their professional operations. Offering an anecdote about something that presumably happened more than 10 years ago really shouldn't change that.
  2. Well......I have many friends who work with the homeless who stand by these figures. Some even claim these figures overstate how many homeless people there are in the city. So, rather than the hearsay and "eye witness" accounts of internet users, who claim to have helped out on a count some years ago, going by the official facts and figures available is preferable I feel.
  3. An idea that I wouldn't oppose in theory. But that's not the case at the moment....so the problems around begging, and misguided but well-meaning people giving to beggars still stand.
  4. Absolute nonsense. Childhood trauma is doubtless ONE of the great many reasons someone becomes a drug addict, but in no way 'the real reason'. It's ludicrous to suggest that it is, and shows an worrying lack of awareness about the many problems that cause addiction. This is also a different conversation - people are asking about why there are so many beggars. I pointed out that they aren't homeless, they are drug addicts. Why they are drug addicts is another debate. One thing is for sure though - they aren't even remotely thinking about getting help or support when the people of Sheffield keep buying their drugs for them until they reach their sad demise. Again, nonsense. My post quite clearly says that the reason we see so many beggars in Sheffield is because people give money to them. If you genuinely don't see that continually giving a drug addict money for drugs isn't killing him and destroying the community, as well as stopping him seek help, then there's really no point continuing any discussion with you.
  5. People might judge by individual experiences.....but it's far better to judge by the facts. All of which are available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/live-tables-on-homelessness#rough-sleeping-tables At last count there are 26 people in the entirety of Sheffield who are rough sleeping. There are so many beggars in Sheffield because there is a huge drugs problem - NOT a homeless problem. If you give money, you give it virtually directly to drug dealers, and continue these individuals decline into addiction. The facts are all out there - but people like ignoring them to favour their own worldview. It's not nice to think that all those beggars are at the mercy of vicious drug dealers...but they are. Watch one of the beggars next time you see them. You can usually see their dealers loitering nearby, or come past every so often to pick up money and drop off drugs. If you give money, you're the reason this is happening. There really isn't any other debate other than that.
  6. Contact your local MP. I've found it's the ONLY way to be able to talk to someone at the council. I too have tried calling, emailing, nothing. My situation was not dissimiliar to this, and my MP was fantastic in helping. It also puts pressure on the council to actually sort themselves out, as you can guarantee they don't want MPs who have other things to do breathing down their necks. It's also worth nothing though that part of an MPs role IS to help their constituents with matters like this, so it's absolutely appropriate to go to them. Sheffield Council are shameful - how they can send (often incorrect) legal threats to people who aren't given the option to even speak to someone is a scandal. As you say, for elderly or less capable people it must be seriously distressing. So yeah - give up on trying to speak to the council by phone or email and go your MP, point out how appalling it is that the council can't even pick up the phone, and I'm sure you'll get it sorted. In an ideal world yes.....but they're absolutely useless. They only respond when someone like an MP forces them to. Of course, it's disgusting that these Councillors couldn't care less, but that's something for people to remember when it comes to voting time. Sadly the majority of Sheffield Council are the most lazy, complacent and arrogant group of people this side of Croyden Council!
  7. His disabilities didn't seem to prevent him from DJing at nightclubs, or going to loud and busy city centre bars. They did prevent him from doing even the bare minimum require of an MP, or treating his constituents with decency and respect. The man was a disgrace to those with disabilities who perform their role as MPs well. Whenever he was (rightly and validly) criticized for his behaviour he played the 'disability' card. I'm not too sure how any disability leads you to make sexist and homophobic slurs, refuse to undergo sensitivity training preferring to quit your party, sack all office staff, refuse to answer constituents letters and emails, etc etc. He should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. He's lived long enough on our money- time for him to get a job in which he actually has to do something.
  8. It's nearly impossible to contact the council on the phone- I've never managed to get through. I think they could be legally challenged on it personally- they're not providing any way for constituents to contact them. I had an issue that was urgent, tried for days. In the end I got in touch with my MP who was able to sort it out. I'd recommend doing the same - not only does it get the issue tackled, it also highlights the problem. The council are happy to send threatening letters that worry people, often unduly, but with no way to talk to them about it, it provides serious mental distress to people. I liken it to a bullying tactic personally.
  9. Thank you - that's (sort of) reassuring but incredibly angering. It's just an impossible situation for me, that requires immediate action from them to rectify (essentially they're accusing me of owing money I don't - something of which I have proof) and I need them to stop the threat they're dangling over me. In angers me that they have time to make these threats....yet seemingly no time to check if they're justified, or to even discuss them. I feel very much like I'm being bullied by a system that is bigger and has more power for me. I can't think of many other institutions who would threaten you over money you don't owe and not offer the ability to ask them what is going on......
  10. Thanks. I've tried that form - no response yet and it's been over a week. The problem is that the issue is pretty urgent, and all the time it's causing me stress. I'll keep trying the number, but obviously its becoming a problem as I'm trying all time from work and never getting anything.
  11. I have an important matter I need to discuss with Sheffield Council, regarding my Council Tax and can't get in touch with them at all. I have tried everything - their phone lines, no matter what day, what time say "all our operators are busy and you can't join a queue" and go dead. I have tried at the time they open, the time they close, all day, different days - nothing. I have sent three emails and had no responses. My only solution is to book time off work to go and visit them in person, but even then I'm not sure the person at the reception desk could help me. Is it even possible to get in touch with them? I don't see how their phones can ever be staffed - there just seems to be no way. I'm stressed and worried as the matter needs urgent attention, and don;t know what to do. Is it even legal for a council to do this? Are others experiencing the same? What is the solution? Thanks in advance - all I want to do is speak to someone at the council.
  12. Do you think it was a lookalike then? People were asking him to sign their little bags of Quorn, but that doesn't mean anything I guess.
  13. Did anyone else see Mo Farah today, giving out Quorn pieces in town? I'm not sure if it was the actual Mo Farah or a lookalike, but he seemed very happy. He was giving out little bags of Quorn to people, and each person he gave it to he said either 'Practice' or 'Protein'. Just before he was about to leave, he started ripping open the bags and throwing the Quorn pieces around like it was confetti shouting 'Practice, Protein, Practice, Protein' over and over again until he went off in the Quorn-branded white van. What did other people that saw it think? Was good fun, and lovely to see!
  14. Last time she toured tickets were £120 each, so it'll be at least that- possibly more.
  15. Women aren't as strong as men so it would be pointless.
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