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  1. http://www.hoylanddismantling.co.uk/about.php
  2. Looks like the bonfire is off on the cricket field opposite the top house as the council has been and removed all the wood !
  3. They paid up when I took them to a small claims court
  4. Seems like tk max are oping a new store at Kilner way, my other half we be happy! Anybody know what the other stores will be?
  5. Have you thought about trying to get a doctors appointment , kids school places parking at local shops etc etc 88 homes with say 5 people per household is 440 extra people to small area
  6. Kat 88 ---------- Post added 23-01-2015 at 22:14 ---------- :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  7. I get ocm milk delivered twice a week along with local eggs and longley farm yoghurt ! I'd rather pay the extra to local business than line the pockets of the greedy supermarkets ! It still got delivered in all the snow , so no need to go to the shops in the cold
  8. Just to let people know wood head is open and the snake is closed
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