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  1. Andy Tovey jewellers on Arundel st, perfect for this type of job , quick and quality work not your high st rip offs an old school working jeweller.
  2. as Loob says probably a defunct brand, the only thing i can find near is this. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Men-s-Santos-Quartz-3182-San10-Date-Wristwatch-/191236244798?pt=UK_Jewelery_Watches_Watches_MensWatches. it is most definatly not Cartier or even based upon a Cartier vintage or modern, the case quality is poor and the face is poor and as i said before cartier never put "quartz" on the face, the strap is a basic hong kong strap by the look. i would put it on ebay you might get £20
  3. Cartier not only dont use base metal they also dont put "quartz" on any watch face, this is not a Cartier guaranteed! just because Santos doesnt come up in google doesnt mean much, there are and have been many thousands of "own " brandwatches that come out of Hong Kong, japan and china over the years. it could be as you say an oldish art deco watch case that has had a quartz movement added later, although again that would be difficult to get a good fit. the face that opens is unusual though. a strange one this:huh:
  4. quartz watches werent available in WW1, mechanical chronograph or manual wind ups were the watches of the time, its looks like a modern watch made to look old and definatly not Cartier, Cartier would never use base metals and the case looks base metal. Santos is a model of cartier, so a standard brand name Santos is possible as its not alluding to be a cartier. the strap looks fairly new. unlikely to be of any value.
  5. i meant the 320 s , which are underpowered i have also had the 330d sport which was very good and more than enough performance, and just for your info for you have had bms for 20 odd years, thanks!330d sport 325 sport, Alpina B10s and B3 s and others 535,s so do know what i am talking about thanks:roll: so wind ya neck in:roll: or maybe th 320 scared you:hihi:
  6. generally the shot for an americano is longer than a standard espresso and some baristas (rightly or wrongly) completely run the shot through, but yes the classic americano is as you say. also the name americano comes from the 2nd world war when the american were given espresso and thought it too strong and small so the italians filled it with hot water so i am told, mind you judging by the cofee in america what do they know!! ---------- Post added 03-07-2014 at 14:15 ---------- a little touchy there Loob:roll: wasnt having a pop at you:(
  7. its a myth that espresso has more caffeine than other coffee based drinks, quality espresso has approx 1% caffeine whereas an americano, filter coffees or any coffee based drink that is brewed and instant coffee has far more, people just think that a strong espresso will give them more lift...untrue, real italian espresso and (short) ristoretto shots in italy are not even a full shot.
  8. best diesel and BM i have ever had,530d sport for sale, 40-50+ mpg, stunning performance, fully loaded sat nav , heated leather etc etc, plenty of boot space great for motorways. the 3 series are really underpowered imo, this is 08 72k miles full BMWSH from new sytner. pm if interested.
  9. :hihi: what a joke, lets hope what ever she has sold it for goes towards paying her creditors, i am assuming she sold before she was forced to again this time!! been past today its closed and windows all covered up:suspect:
  10. your wasting your breath Coutts the leftie libs on here dont understand economics, their understanding is borrow now pay later!! with little or no consequences because the big nasty corporations offer something they want and when it all goes wrong they squeal like stuck pigs:roll: any fool can see that these loans are for very short terms and not to be relied on as an income source, people that take these out and dont pay back deserve everything they get........or another option declare bankruptcy!
  11. a very good point and one that cant be answerd by just looking at books, usually if someone is "selling" a small business there is a very good reason:suspect: either its too tiring and tieing or not enough profit left after everyone else gets paid and believe me you will be putting the hours in. if you still go ahead check the planning as it may be A3 but there can be restrictions such as re-heat only! which means microwaved hot food only, i.e no cooking, i got caught out with that one once, luckily we carried on and nobody queried it. if you want to pm me i have alot of experience in this field
  12. a long long way off Liverpool:huh: the most hard done to city in the whole wide world:rolleyes: although Sheffielders are chasing hard:hihi:
  13. oh pleeeease stop it i am nearly in tears:rolleyes: those big nasty company types making us borrow all this money:loopy:
  14. you wouldnt even have to register a company, it could just be the in house legal arm of any other company which can be called what ever you want, if you dig a little into addresses and tel nos they are usually easily identifiable. its an old trick which has been played for years, most people when they get a letter from what they think are solicitors or legal firm .....shall we say loosen their nether regions!!
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