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  1. Then again, if by advertisers using pieces of (copyright-free) 'classical music' it exposes it to the masses... Many of whom would run a mile at the thought of actually choosing to listen to it, yet are wont to remark "That's nice, what's it called?" when they hear it... It can't be all bad, can it?
  2. Bardwells, Abbeydale road... For personal service par excellence, ask for "Young Reginald"... Disregard the way he walks and the fact that he spits a lot and you couldn't wish to meet a nicer, more helpful bloke! Seriously though folks, they have a wide range of electrical bits & pieces and if you're buying several items, it may not hurt to try and negotiate a small discount, don't be frightened of offending 'our Reg' by doing so, it's almost impossible! And no, I've no connection with the business whatsoever, apart from as a satisfied customer for many years... In fact if you mention the name "PG"... You may well get charged double!
  3. What a foul slur to cast upon the good name of one of our most respected (and mellow??) local broadcasters! To hear the man himself tell it last night, he initially suffered from a rather severe attack of, shall we say "the trots"... I'll not share with you the same explicit details of his affliction that he chose to do, as I've considerably more regard for those of a weak constitution than he appears to have! He later took the rest of the time off as holiday, though from the way he appears to enjoy arguing with his callers, I'd have thought that life was one long holiday to him? Towards the end of his absence, he appears to have caught a dose of the "snots & sniffles", as he so eloquently terms it... Yet, despite his suffering, he valiantly returned to regale us on the airwaves last night... We can only hope and pray that it doesn't develop into man-flu!
  4. Damned useful, those cameras... Or they would be if they hadn't all stopped updating a liitle over an hour ago!
  5. Unfortunately, the music and the singing touch places very close to my pain-threshold! Judging from the praise of the lyrics seen on here so far, perhaps it might sell better as a poem? ... It'd certainly be helping to spread the Xmas-spirit and in addition, being kinder to music-lovers if it were prose-only!
  6. Now, as the saying goes... If only you'd said this in the first place... You'd have saved me some typing! From what you say happened, it sounds to have been an effective course to follow... Though I still believe that parents should be made responsible for the actions of their kids, both morally and financially.
  7. You don't think that perhaps it might have been due to Plain-Talker ordering several taxis, to make sure at least one turned up? ... Maybe?
  8. Donkey... If you're going to post comments that seemingly cast aspersions upon others... ...Then you must expect a reaction, which in my case was to ask you for your own solution... As in each of your following posts, you failed dismally to specify a solution, then I can only conclude that you have none and are merely blowing hot air... Which most certainly doesn't qualify you to make disparaging remarks about those who did offer a remedy.
  9. Either young (compared to me!) French or Italian females, speaking broken english in a soft voice... Music to my ears!
  10. Badhairdo... Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions... I now know a little more about the technicalities of it all. Your reasons are interesting, I share your feelings about society to a certain extent but would never contemplate doing the same as yourself. You talk about understanding pain... I understand pain just fine! It hurts! ... In fact it's the reason why I believe in the faith that I do, it forbids me to experience unnecessary pain, it's called The Path of Devout Cowardice and I'm a confirmed follower of it! In all seriousness though, the insight into your reasons, I find fascinating, with them being so alien to my own thoughts on self-expression, my thanks to you for explaining them. Regards, Bic0...
  11. I'm afraid it's quite possible, all part of the 'Big Brother' attitude that pervades our society... See here for just one example of this 'service' that can be provided, in this case, perhaps to your husbands' employer... ADDED... N.B. I'm assuming that the hands-free devices are attached to company-supplied mobile phones... It's the phones that supply the information, not the new hands-free sets...
  12. Badhairdo... Implanted and tongue-splitted? Can you explain this please? Implanted with what? And is it literally splitting the tip of the tongue? I'm not being critical, what you choose to do is your own busines and none of mine... But I AM very curious, firstly about what it entails and also your reasons for doing it... You say that you consider that it makes you look sexy... Is that the only reason, or are there others? Feel free to ignore this post if you so wish, as I say, it's really none of my business!
  13. But I already do! In fact it's less than 30 days now before the next ablutions are due! ... My! How time flies! It doesn't seem that long at all since the last time... What a Xmas that was!
  14. Ah, Moon... If only that were true! ... Unfortunately for me you quote an example of the writings of my alter ego... not really me at all... But the self-sanitisation process is going along nicely, my unfortunate habit of spontaneous expectoration is gradually coming under control and I think I've decided to finally cast aside the 'hoodie' and perhaps go for the Burberry look... So things may yet improve for me. Thank you for your kind encouragement, it means a lot to me in my hours of need and self-doubt.
  15. Devilish cunning, especially the bit where he calls himself "LadyInRed", that's enough to fool anyone, even those who don't know the difference between 'grammer' and 'grammar', when commenting on others' use of it! But with regard to the topic... Idiots abound everywhere, though they may be more concentrated in some areas than others... I hesitate to mention this but in S.11 on one occassion, in the wee small hours, I performed a public duty and removed a wheely-bin that had been carefully positioned in the centre of my side of the road...
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