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  1. thanks everyone, think i'm going to get it done 2moro! woo! womerry2 think i know which one you mean, sounds ideal as live hunters bar. Thanks everyone!x
  2. Cheers for your help guys, didn't know tesco's eccy rd had one, that would be my nearest as klick has not shut down, has anyone else had them from their before? just wondering what the quality was like? and is it one of those where it takes four and then lets you chose the best one? Sorry for sll the questions! Will check out boots as well. Thank you x
  3. Hi guys, need to get a passport sized photo and was wondering where the best place was to go, don't think there is anywhere on eccy rd so looking around city centre area. I went to the coop down by primark last time but wasn't too impressed with the quality, although they're probably all the same! Any help would be much appreciated, cheers x
  4. Hiya ive just started the no points plan, it looks really good, think im going to buy the shopping and eating planners though next week, need some more help on points in food. If anyone else is doing the no points plan would love to hear from u xxxx
  5. Yeah!!!! I used to love it!!!!! Brings back some memories!!! I love phillip schofield!
  6. really sorry to hear that, Hope you and your sisters are ok, i dont know what i'd do if that happpened to one of my sisters, i wouldnt know what to say, but I suppose just being there to listen and cry on would be enough. There's nothing that you can say that will make her feel any better, so be strong and hang in there. Everything always gets better with time.xxx
  7. Hiya, have recently got a job in the city centre, normally get off at the stop outside Hallam uni and 'm travelling from eccy rd. Does anyone know how much it is if I buy a week ticket? Cheers
  8. I watched it at the cinema and thought it was good. Some bits are abit silly but i enjoyed it!
  9. Hiya, has anyone worked for prolific based in city centre sheffield? would you recommend them?
  10. Hiya, i know that greens gym have a womens only gym, hope that helps.
  11. hiya, anyone ever been to greens gym in sheff??? Am thinking about signing up and was wondering if anyone has tried it out?? cheers
  12. Its too cold to go to the shop though, does anyone know anywhere, and no, the cheque won't bounce.
  13. Hi,me and my boyfriend are really poor and have no food! Please could anyone let us know any pizza places that accept cheques. Cheers xx
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