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  1. Not available for this years St Patricks but we do a pretty good Irish set. Check us out at http://www.scuppered.org
  2. Many years ago my late Uncle Alec told how he sheltered under The Wicker Arches during a raid whilst walking home. He said a bomb dropped through the central arch but didn't explode.
  3. Sad that it's closed, played there a couple of times and saw some great music. Lucy Kaplansky being one I remember.
  4. At the boys grammar school we used to hang about at the top of the field trying to get a glimpse of the girls through the woods. Raids were planned but, to my knowledge, never executed.
  5. In the late 50's we used to play WWII games around the area of the crash not realising the significance of the site.
  6. My late Mother used to talk about picnics in the sunken village
  7. St Johns at Totley - also Totley Methodist where someone who shall remain unnamed broke my nose after executing The Barnsley Kiss !
  8. I've got a photocopy of their setlist from The Azena in McCartneys handwriting. It was picked up on the night by the drummer with the support band The Aidens. I believe it was sold a couple of years ago to an American collector for a lot of money
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