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  1. not herd anything on the radio chidorii,but hope the owners are safe :-( you have sime great pictures btway,i love that lovely dark tench Is that from the canal?its looks like a proper tench from clear water,not like the poor pale washed out sort that you find in muddy comercial puddles.nice fish :-) ---------- Post added 13-05-2014 at 06:50 ---------- i can belief it megalithic,especially the way some of the young ones drive nowsaday :-l i often fish the broughton lane stretch and the amount of snigs in their is unreal,i think people just lob there rubbish and junk off the bridge,the amount of lures i have lost in there is uncountable :-( the problem could easily be solved by putting a high fence on the sides of the riad bridge,then a clean up campign their must be hundreds of pound of scrap metals in that stretch alone,surely it would be wirth someones while to clear it out?? :scratchhaed:
  2. you can fish some rivers in the closed season if you follow the laws of the land,these laws change on diferent lands and some may not allow any river fishing at all always read the rules thoroughly and make notes and take pictures of any action that is taken against you if you are within the rules, i ALWAYS do,this applies to EVERYTHING that i post and where i post it ;-)
  3. you may flyfish on the din in clised season jon26,but you may struggleto find a desent peg on the bonk that will allow you to cast unhindered. my best spots are near tickle 4 fish and screwfix(both on penistine rd) but you willneed chest waders to wade out so you can get a nice cast well worth the effart though,some nice brownies,chub,greyling,and even a barble can be tempted if you match the hatch :-)
  4. good moaning denlin xxx i have checked my data base and their is no sign of you :suspact: this means you either have no rid lisence(please dint fish if this is the case),or you are telling fibs/lying about your name being "denlin" or worse? ;-) love anonymous (lobworms) xxx :-)
  5. you are absolutely fin chidorii,i have a copy of everyones order number and rid lisence on my eyephone app :-)
  6. i am more right than him presley,but dont tell him i said that,he cant see my posts hehe ;-)
  7. thankyou fir sending in your question davegas,i have answered it hear-,,,,, http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showpost.php?p=10447769&postcount=8 hope this helps lobby xx :-)
  8. its sevaral factors comming together and meeting each other presley. the warm holiday weather brings out the anglers,and the rivers are shut,astin is already heavily match fished and with the infestation of pleasure anglers aswell their are simply to many lines in the water and to much baits. the fish are feeding well but have loads of "safe" freebies to go at,it should all settle down again when they all go back to wirk or school and colledge my new crap rig has been emptying aston as they have never seen anything like it befire,infact they cant even see it. private email me for details on how to perchase your very own "lobbys lobber" :-)
  9. dont blame you pitsmoorlad,they are rubbish always best to get a good one. i have had no end of triuble with dodgy piles :-(
  10. please inform me when you next intend to fish on the din in the near future and i will meet you theyre. pplease be sure to bring your most expensive tickle ;-)
  11. it is perfectely legal croftonblade and a excellent method as some of the live flies can look more realler than the imitations have you considered fly fishing to catch your live flys? :-)
  12. love you too sheffield0,happy easter :-) xx
  13. sadly neither will work in closed season at94 :-( ,but my newly invented totally invisible carp rig works a treat and can be bought for cash,contact me via privit email for details :-)
  14. this morning i contacted hq and accesed the don CITV footage via my app,you will please to no that the violators have been identified and will be getting a nick in theyre door very soon CITV zoom lins technology showed that some of the bait was floating weetabix,wich is the most illegal of all ilegalised baits in the closed seasion as it has no feed value to craps and barbell and is pointless because the fish become full after only 2,making a 3rd a waste of time,money and efart. not realy wirth doing bird for is it? :rollereyes: :-l thanks for your information charliewag which will result in tickle seizure and imprisonment or worse :-)
  15. you could buy 2 then pitsmoorlad :-) note- please dont buy any more than 2 rads without purchasing another vilid lisence please,i might be crouched behind the counter thankyou
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