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  1. Here we go again-the anti union nutters are taking a stab at working people. It's a fact that every union-without exception- run course for their representative on how to negotiate with employers. So of course UNITE listen to what Forgemasters has to say. They'd be sat acrosss the table from the employer. To any UNITE members involved in the dispute(who read this Forum) you have my 100% solidarity . Trade Union legislation makes it very difficult to organise a ballot and strike action. Any union member will know that taking strike action is the last resort. It's breach of contract. You lose pay and you lose pension contributions (N.B . If you are lucky enough to have a pension. The whole affair is anxiety causing -and usually you can't wait for it to be over. In essence ,Unions are for the purpose of redressing the unequal power relationships(within the Law) that exists between employees and employers. Now some people would like to see employees completely enslaved to their employers.That's not the way the modern world works (at least in most Western European democracies). I think it's the "Joker", who details the situation. Good on him for taking the trouble to inform us all. He's done a good service (as much as a Forum like this can do) to those working people involved in the dispute. N.B >Some of the anti union postings suffer from, projecting possible future outcomes from the dispute which are ultimately unprovable.
  2. UNIT is Britain and Ireland largest union representing 90000 DECENT AND HARD WORKING people. "Lefty" unions. You're having a laugh. For the past 15 yrs unions have steadily moved to the "Right". (Basic trade union modern history).To view UNITE ,or any other union ,as "Lefty" rests upon having an extreme right wing ideology to begin with. From what i have read on this Forum ,there's a cabal of right wing nutters who spend all their time posting their rabid hatred of, anything that takes their fancy. They don't like :refugees, asylum seekers, foreigners, gypsies,unemployed,people on benefits, disabled,single parents etc . They probably don't like themselves. In the past 15 yrs a cockroach like underclass has emerged- from under the floorboards and out of the walls- to pollute the social fabric with their neo- fascist brand of politics. This forum has its fair share of that kind of loony. As a recent resident of Sheffield. I have the impression that they are unrepresentative of the people of Sheffield.
  3. !7.3 million voted for the Nazis. I wouldn't vote for that bunch of crooks and maniacs . I'll do everything I can to oppose them .
  4. The Wildlife Trust will be opposing it. I think there is an alternative site not very far away.
  5. When I first moved to Sheffield I rented a flat in Edgedale Rd. Compared to London,it was pretty quite and I liked the area.Sheffield is a great city and a sheer pleasure to live in.I parked my car outside the flat and it never got: touched,vandalised ,or nicked. I moved up to Heeley -nr the City Farm-and it got nicked 10m from my front door. S/Y Old Bill gave me 3 minutes interview and wrote the crime off 2 wks later. I'm not impressed by S/Y police. I wonder what the conviction rate for all kinds of crime happens to be? I did all the ground work: visited scrap yards, gave out pictures of the vehicle in local pubs and second hand car dealers.In fact this Forum gave me a lead on its whereabouts. Seen in Dagnam Rd Manor Top. I went up there and did a door to door. One person said they'd seen it. However, it had gone. So it goes. It hasn't put me off Sheffield. Johnny G I think has a good view on the issue. It is up to the community and parents(get their kids under control and instil respect for others) to tackle the issues. However, the police also have a duty to police the streets of Sheffield,make arrests and get convictions.Once again,having taught at a large College in North London for 30 yrs (you can only imagine what kind of crime we had there) and in spite of being born in Manchester,Sheffield is a great city. And the people of Sheffield are a proud set of individuals. It's a shame that a minority of individuals can tarnish its reputation. I remember when Manchester was nickname,"Gunchester". Make the police do their job.
  6. 1149. You're sad. The death of these people is cause for sadness.The reasons why people do drugs and how society approaches and manages such things is complex; it should be approached with: compassion,intelligence, political and social analyses. It's a fact that heroin and crack cocaine dealing is associated with a high level of criminal behaviour.When that type of dealing is haunting your neighbourhood, you just want it clearing up. I don't have the answers. But at the moment, addiction to and the dealing in heroin and cocaine is a social problem.Sadly it has its casualties.
  7. What a busy busy world we live in.Rushing about to an early grave ! Time sits on its hands as we rush by. And then you are dead. So it goes.Ting-a-ling.
  8. £36 grand + is a lot of money. Market forces? Simples ! The rent gets hiked. The stall holder increases his or her prices. Result;we can't buy Jack. The stall holders goes out of business. The market closes. The building eventually stands empty(who will take up the empty spaces). Knock on affect. Some dodgy bald headed gezzer tries to sell you empty TV cartons on the car park of B&Q. So it goes.Hey ho.
  9. My deepest sympathy. I will keep my eyes and ears open for the items and the tow rag/s who did the terrible dead. What on earth are S/Y police doing to prevent robberies ?
  10. Of course Sheffield should take the refugees. It's our: moral ,social,political and humanitarian duty to do so. Arguments against rely on the following: Dodgy historical references, 'iffy' demographics,fascist ideology,crude nationalism, misrepresentation of social geography statistics,outright and disguised hatred,xenophobia,nasty patriotic politics,individual social pathology(lacking empathy),Powellism(Enoch), population politics , racism,and moral imbecility.(This list is not exhaustive ). If the people of Sheffield have anything to with it;they will do the right thing. They won't pass them onto somewhere and somebody else. An aside;get rid of Clegg.He can't be trusted.
  11. What's wrong with people in Sheffield? Not one person-except me-has suggested taking the transport services back into public ownership. And to think that Sheffield was known as the, "Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire". Is everybody on this Forum a neoliberal ?
  12. If you want to see an example of what I meant about continually rising transport prices. Go to the link that is illustrated below. I think it makes the point. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/travel/2013/12/london-bus-and-tube-users-face-31-fares-hike
  13. Thanks mate. I'll search the link. As an aside. NHS dentists are as rare as "hen's teeth".I thought there might be someone out there in the know.
  14. Just moved to Sheffield. Does any kind person know of a dental practice taking NHS new patients? Don't really care where it is.
  15. I lived in London for 30yrs and used LT everyday. London transport prices will make your head spin.Prices continue to rises and will never stop rising- it's the nature of the system. Way back. Quite a few people started a campaign called," Can't Pay-Won't Pay. If you have a ticket- like the one described by Vizzbucks-refuse to get off the bus. What is to be done? Take the public transport system back into public ownership.
  16. Brocco, I think you have a point. I should have mentioned that I was talking about London Pride. It has changed beyond recognition from how it first began. Of course, there will always be those people who complain at the drop of a hat. Regarding complaining and moaning. I'm reminded of what John Dunne had to say, "We are never really happy until we are dead". I laugh. And of course, I'll be going to Tramlines. So it goes.
  17. Let history show us the way. Gay Pride started off as a free event. (I and my friends where involved in getting it started. NOW LOOK AT IT !!! So it goes.
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