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  1. Annie Bynnol There's a viral infection that is successfully treated prophylactic ally by antiretroviral drugs. It's called HIV. HIV disease causes a whole range of damage to the human organism if left untreated. Yet many people are treated.The person power and resources -on a global scale -are marshalled in the campaign against the virus that causes AIDs. An effective prophylatic treatment for Cov-19 would be a worthy adjunct to mass vaccination. If one cannot access vaccines or one cannot be vaccinated, an effective treatment could be offered if you test positive. Putting all your eggs in the vaccine basket is scientifically shortsighted . Therapeutics for the treatment of Cov-19 are an absolute necessity for saving lives.Vaccines are just one step in that direction.
  2. El Cid, I think what would be a major break through in this pandemic would be an effective treatment; which commences immediately after a postive test for Cov-19 and before symptom commence.
  3. El Cid, Thanks for the link. It provides more reassurance.
  4. Vaccine and variants. https://www.politico.eu/article/biontech-pfizer-vaccine-should-work-against-virus-variants-study/ https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/feb/09/astrazeneca-vaccine-why-australia-is-forging-ahead-as-south-africa-tackles-covid-variant
  5. El Cid, Sometimes after vaccination, the process of building immunity can cause symptoms, such as fever. These symptoms are normal and are a sign that the body is building immunity. "Fighting the vaccine" is really not the appropriate description of how vaccines work. I've had some good news from a sailing friend of mine. He has partial lung function and sometimes needs oxygen supplementation . He has had the AstraZeneca vaccine. The side effects he experienced were: flu like aches, Temp 38 degrees C. Heart rate (resting) 85bpm, Oxygen saturation 90-which is normal for him. The whole thing lasted 8hrs. He is perfectly well now and a lot less anxious.
  6. Two of my close friends have been listed for their vaccination. They both agree that if they are offered the Astrazeneca vaccine they will accept it. And why are they of that opinion? Answer: "There’s still protection in that case against deaths, hospitalisations and severe disease.”
  7. Padders If it wasn't for lockdown, I'd suggest you get a Hypnotherapist. It works. Stay safe.
  8. Melthebell, Thank you. Spot on with Patrick Cowley. I hope you don't think this presumptuous of me. But I've put this on for you. HI-NRG back in the day. This track was global. I danced to this-sometimes on roller skates.
  9. I've been watching it. It is like watching part of my personal history being dramatised. The episodes dealing with HIV disease break my heart and has me in floods of tears. My partner and I lost five friends to ,Kaposi's Sarcoma, Toxoplasmosis and PCP (now called PCJ_) at the height of that pandemic Even though we didn't know what was causing those dreadful opportunistic infection. We nursed and supported our friends right up until the point of them dying. The discovery of the retrovirus (HIV) and the development of Pro-tease Inhibitors produced the Lazarus Effect, and saved many gay men from dreadful OI's. The dramatised early days of AIDs appear harrowing.But the reality was worse. I know it was. I was there. But,hey ho ! Gay life is not all about illness, narcissism and promiscuity. Many of us have ,happy, loving and healthy lives. I shall watch it right to the end. With a sharp eye for any continuity errors. Note for Pattricia. I shall never forget the loving and dedicated care and nursing that my partner- Brinley -received, during the time he spent in the Mildmay Hospital in Shoreditch. Note: Thirty-three million people have died of Aids across the globe. It's not gone away. The french 2017 drama "120BPM " is worth watching. Stay safe and well during this Cov-19 pandemic you all.
  10. With respect to everybody. I'd like to state the difference between "Efficacy" and "Effectiveness". I hear the two terms erroneously applied by various commentators on the telly. When looking at data it's worth knowing the difference. "Efficacy"-data from the lab. "Effectiveness " -data obtained from the community. From a personal point of view. I'm much more interested in effectiveness.
  11. Thirty Relic, Respect to you. I do share your view regarding medication not working. In the parlance it's called ,"Iatrogenesis". https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/nursing-and-health-professions/iatrogenesis Take care and stay safe.
  12. Thirsty Relic, I don't see that there is anything wrong at all with annual cov-19 ,Flu, or Cov/Flu combined vaccinations. Vaccination is one of the greatest advances ever made in medical science. The development of mRNA vaccines is a once in a hundred years breakthrough in prophylactic medicine. Messanger RNA technology may even bring forward the day that a vaccination against HIV will become available.
  13. Whiteowl , Just like the common cold.
  14. Apelike. It's an ethical issue for those deciding to run a trial-in the first place- which involve a placebo. The for and against arguments push one to pick a side. For me the Utilitarian justification for invoking a placebo arm in a clinical trial. Is that it provides erroneous ethical guidance for decision making to those constructing a clinical trial. That is what I think.
  15. Apelike. It's an ethical issue for those deciding to run a trial which involves a placebo.
  16. https://jme.bmj.com/content/30/6/551
  17. Victor Meldrew, IMO the answer to your question is Yes. The ethical principles supporting the use of placebos in clinical trials are drawn from Utilitarianism. But not everybody agrees. One can argue to doomsday for and against using placebos. My own ethical principles causes me to find Utilitarianism not very attractive. I've put a couple of links just in case you'd like to dive deeper into Moral Philosophy and its role in medicine and science. https://jme.bmj.com/content/30/6/55 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4778182/ The above is position that I support. At the end of the day when one is sick and in need of treatment. I would say to the: Doc/Scientist/ Researcher ,"give me the damn medicine and you take the sweetie".
  18. There's a Challenge Trial taking place somewhere in the UK-but it seems to have fallen off the radar. A challenge trial is where you give the volunteer the virus then you give them the vaccine.
  19. Tinfoilhat, That's exactly what happened to me. I could have sent you down there instead of me for the jab. No ID required. Name and address and DOB. Stick your arm out and you are done. So it goes.
  20. El Cid, Thanks for the reply. That is so sad. I think we have to be wary of the tactic used by antivaxers. Anecdotal "cause-and-effect" rumours that erroneously tie a person's untimely demise to the fact they recently got a COVID-19 vaccine.
  21. El Cid, Did they die as a consequence of being vaccinated ? Or did they get infected and were vaccinated too late?
  22. Thirsty Relic, It's not about variables. It's about having a plethora of vaccines that work. The more the better. Of course that will have the anti vaxers up in arms. Two or three vaccines is not enough-if you are going to vaccinate the world. And there's no better authority on vaccinating the world then Bill Gates. (GBBG)
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