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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHzJjmKPPV4
  2. Mac 33, With respect,in case you don't want to read through the whole of the paper: ". In summary, this meta-analysis suggests that a prophylactic vaccine against HPV16/18 has the potential to prevent more than two-thirds of worldwide ICC and half of HSIL ". I would recommend that GUM clinics offer sexually active people a HPV vaccination. They can clearly benefit from it. I do believe one can obtain HPV vaccine on-line and self administer. Scholarly articles for Human Vaccines and immunotherapeutics HPV Human papillomavirus type distribution in invasive … - ‎Smith - Cited by 1788 … vaccinia virus encoding human papillomavirus types … - ‎Borysiewicz - Cited by 603 … metastatic tumors expressing human papillomavirus … - ‎Ji - Cited by 138
  3. I'm puzzled why people reject a procedure that is overwhelmingly proven to be effective in the majority of the population. Yes, there may be some adverse reactions to some vaccines. But that does not disprove the science.
  4. I agree we should not censor. The medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry are not infallible ,they make mistakes. Consequently they should be open to examination . The science supporting vaccination is impeccable . I put two links that examined HPV and other kinds of cancer and they were removed. It is something to be celebrated that the HPV vaccination programme will eventually rid humanity of the cancers associated with HPV. Mac33-and others- may draw our attention to adverse events caused by vaccination. However, vaccination is a proven science and it works for the majority of us who choose to undergo the programme.
  5. Where has the rest of this thread gone?
  6. Hurrah , ! The end of cervical and anal cancer is within sight at last. It will be available to young people as well as adults. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-48758730
  7. Tinfoilhat You have it spot on. https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/deepfake-videos-and-the- threat-of-not-knowing-whats-real_n_5cf97068e4b0b08cf7eb2278?guccounter=1&guce_referr "Newscasters could announce the start of a nonexistent nuclear war. Deepfake technology threatens to provoke a genuine civic crisis, as people lose faith that anything they see is real". If people have not read McLuhan ,now is the time to do it. I do believe that his work is back in the Curriculum at some Uni's
  8. Rolling J McLuhan was a communications guru, he wrote extensively about mass communications and its social impact. Apparently it is now possible to cobble together -by means of the Internet - what appears to be real people indulging in all kinds of activities. Like Donald Trump declaring war on Russia-and how do we know it's not real ? Or a weather bomb of extreme weather is about to hit-so dash out and raid Tesco.
  9. The age of the "Deep Fake" is upon us. An age when anything can mean anything to anyone. Marshall McLuhan was right: " I have insisted that any new structure for codifying experience and moving information,be it alphabet or photography has the power of imposing its structural character and assumptions upon all levels of our private and social lives-even without benefit of concepts or conscious acceptance........That is what I've always meant by "the medium is the message" (On McLuhan, by Paul Benedetti and Nancy DeHart), Reality will become a quaint notion .
  10. If it's on the backside of the Moon. It can be none other than the remains of "Morgan The Moon 's " spaceship.
  11. MaKapaKa, Thank you for rallying support. It was a day that organised workers rallied to defend their communities, their jobs , and the welfare of their families. Thatcher decided to engage in class warfare and the miners fought back.
  12. Is the report in the Independent underlying thesis of high quality or is it just sensationalism? The following link is (imo) worth a read. When I read the report in the Independent I thought that the authors must subscribe to, "We are a flawed species" and doomed to extinction by our own hand. https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/04/25/another-dodgy-earth-day-ploy-hyping-flawed-and-failed-species-extinction-propaganda/
  13. Padders, Just a historical point. The 70s was a period of unbridled pollution. We have come a long way since then. Gone are examples like the Love Canal.
  14. Voice of Reason, You might find the principles of Deep Ecology attractive. Deep ecologists reckon they have the solutions: sustainability and simple living are just a couple of their ideas. But what puzzles me is how do we stop the likes of China from poisoning the atmosphere? http://www.politicscymru.com/en/cat6/article22/
  15. Voice of Reason Then our industrialised society cannot continue? Those countries taking off into industrial economies must be held in check? Not everybody can have a car, a dishwasher, washing machine etc? Nobody is going to live on the Moon or Mars and nobody is going to live to 1000.
  16. "Restoration/Deep ecologists "would argue for deindustrialisation and a return to " Villiage Life".
  17. Top Cats Hat, The fraud you are describing seems to be on a global scale. I can see the day that the banks will no longer refund the money.
  18. RollingJ. There's some sound advice in your thread so thank you. The email supplier is hotmail. I do not know if they have ever been hacked. I shall certainly follow your advice,vis-a-vis giving out my email address to retailers. I was scammed for £1000 by some tow rags in London. They got my debit card details and ran up a Grand on taxi fares round Lambeth and Wandsworth. I got the money.. refunded thankfully. I now do use online shopping-but the whole thing makes me nervous.
  19. Rolling J. I don't have a facebook account and I never intend to have one. But someone emailed me and said they have my email address and password. The password they gave was an old one -no longer being used by me. Now how did they get that? I try to be protective of my personal details. I don't have online banking or telephone banking. I'm not on FaceBook or Twitter. But I use my debit card to pay for things-That information is then collected. When I booked into the Midland Hotel in Manchester they wanted my email address. Every B and B under the sun wants your personal details. It was discovered-not so long ago in Scotland-that a group of petrol stations were selling on customers card details to organised crime. One may be one's own gatekeeper. But your personal details are out there waiting for some bunch of criminals to target you. No matter how clever a person thinks they are at their own security, the crims are ahead of you. Today I had an email telling me there's $10 million waiting for me to collect! We live in crazy times. There isn't any security that cannot be breached by organised crime. One will be better off taking all your cash out of the bank and buying a safe -installing it at home- and sticking your money in it -so it goes.
  20. Altus, In society today we are giving out our personal details right, left and centre. It's scooped up and is being used to scam people. I really don't see how it can be stopped. I now have a new email. Some stranger sent me an email saying they had my email address and password; When we give out our personal details we cannot be sure that they are held securely. It's a nightmare. If a stranger can get into your email or facebook account they can spread lies about you to everyone who is on your email or facebook account. It's more than a nightmare-it's monstrous.
  21. V of R Getting back into well paid work, preferably yes. But people shouldn't have to live in poverty.
  22. Ok , one should be vigilant. But it seems that the scammers are always one step ahead of the security systems. Then,of course, there's insider collusion with organised crime to gather up personal details and use it to defraud /scam people out of their money. I watched a programme where an elderly person explained how she was scammed out of her life savings. She explained that the scammers presented as completely legit. She had no way of telling that they were not kosher. She got her money back in the end. I was recently scammed out of £1000 . How it occurs I have no idea. My debt card had been used to pay for £1000 worth of taxi journeys in London. My debit card stays on my person up until I use it to pay for things. I am now very nervous about using my card and have gone back to using cash. A large proportion of scamming is undertaken by organised crime-and there appears to be no way of stopping the scammers and bringing them to justice. We now live in a society where we make a card payment for almost every purchase we make. All that data is gathered up and organised crime seems to be getting access to it.
  23. Supporting Mr M's points: https://www.jrf.org.uk/press/half-million-more-people-poverty-if-government-maintains-benefits-freeze
  24. Ms Macbeth, Thanks for the link. It makes for very interesting reading-particularly the references to the SMC.
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