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  1. Good news. They are on their way. Just hold on for a little longer. Get ready to roll up you sleeve and put your best arm forward,
  2. PettyTom As a starting point, I think it’s widely agreed amongst the morally alert in society. That there is a duty to be a minimally decent Samaritan, that is, one should go out of one’s way to help another if it entails little cost to oneself. Wearing a face covering, and socially distancing are of little cost to oneself-it's not a great deal to ask. And by doing so we are helping one another get on with life. Consequently ,we will beat it together.
  3. Onewheeldave. It's not my intention one iota to misrepresent anybody's view. I have every confidence in my own points of view and my ability to present them in a reasoned and thoughtful manner. It appears that you must have read the Post and formed your own opinion -which you are fully entitled to do. By extending my alleged misrepresentation to an inability to "back up "my views, is cheap. As we cannot find the Thread I'm going to leave it at that.
  4. Mellthebell No it wasn't yours I was referring too . It was a post about wanting to pay for a ride to a demo in London. Real Mac33 type stuff. It looks like it has been taken down.
  5. Catmiss Had my jab yesterday. Feeling fine today. Last time I had Flu was 2009-hadn't had a vax. I'd just retired from teaching and was in bed ill with flu for 3 weeks. Stay Well.
  6. Moving on. It looks like some vaccines will be in a multi-dose format. The person being vaccinated needs to be sure that both doses come from the same manufacturer. If the first comes from Moderna, then the second must also come from Moderna, and not from Pfizer or Astra-Zeneca. That way the doses can augment each other and not get into conflict--or worse, be inactive. Something to keep in mind -when that day arrives. Has the post inquiring about the London,"Covid is Fake " demo been taken down?
  7. There is always going to be uncertainty-amongst the public- surrounding the benefit of wearing masks,surgical grade or not. Uncertainty arises from imperfect information.And as demonstrated on the Forum. There's no perfect information to refer to that will expunge the uncertainty. So out of all the imperfect information circulating ,I will choose.... .
  8. Apelike, With respect. I don't think the likes of me and thee have any influence over the measures put in place by government. The following linked article is a bit long but makes the point, that there might be a nationwide lock down beginning Oct 2020 . https://www.newscientist.com/article/2237475-covid-19-news-uk-government-wont-rule-out-second-national-lockdown/ Stay well.
  9. Apelike Who is the "we" in the last line of your paragraph ?
  10. Herd Immunity ? "Unachievable and Unethical . BMJ." From what I read. It appears that some degree of "lasting "antibody immunity is necessary to secure Herd Immunity. https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m2728 BCG vax. https://www.livescience.com/coronavirus-protection-using-tuberculosis-vaccine.html I had mine whilst at school-donkey's years ago.
  11. httpsE://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02386-2 Good news. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-05-ai-tool-covid-treatments-vaccines.html Addendum: Extinction Rebellion are barking up the wrong tree. If we don't get a grip on defeating viruses and antibiotic resistant bacteria. It will be Pestilence that does us in -and not global warming . Stay well and you all wear your face coverings.And don't forget your annual flu vax.
  12. The Russians are playing a high risk game with their Sputnik V vaccine. If it proves a dud, it could set back the global race for a safe and effective Cov-19 vaccine. Personally I do hope the vaccine works. If you read carefully you will see that there are so many corners being cut,in order to roll out the program. In my opinion,it's a highly politicised strategy. https://www.newsweek.com/russian-coronavirus-vaccine-sputnik-v-1529658?utm_source=nl&utm_brand=wired&utm_mailing=WIR_Science_090420&utm_campaign=aud-dev&
  13. Due for my free one 23rd of September. And when there is one for Cov 19 I'll be having that. God bless the NHS.
  14. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/19/coronavirus-scientists-warn-it-may-take-years-before-students-return-to-normal-schooling.html?utm_source=nl&utm_brand=wired& The import of this article appears to be banging the drum for caution when returning kids back to school. In addition, the author is saying, wearing of face coverings/masks, and social distancing has to be tolerated for some time ;even after a vaccine is rolled out to the public. I notice that it is hard to find the research papers that allegedly support the pronouncements by the endless list of "Experts", authoritatively commenting on vaccines and treatments for Covid-19.
  15. https://www.livescience.com/novavax-covid19-vaccine-update.html?utm_source=Selligent&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=22090&utm_content=20200817_Coronav Hurrah for the HIV Advocacy groups!
  16. Easy Livin, That is precisely the crux of the matter.A proportion of society is being asked to make sacrifices, to protect those who are at risk and vulnerable. The willingness to make that sacrifice ,is indicative of a morally alert individual .
  17. Hurrah! https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/11/russia-claims-to-have-registered-first-coronavirus-vaccine.html "No data has yet been published by the researchers and the long-term effects and safety of this possible vaccine currently remain unclear."
  18. Good news. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/roll-out-of-2-new-rapid-coronavirus-tests-ahead-of-winter#:~:text=5%2C000%20DNA%20'Nudgebox'%20machines%2C,the%20need% Innovation. The lab is miniaturised and the test administered on the spot. The test could possibly be made available to the public over the counter. Employers could utilise it and test their employees.
  19. Arnold Lane, I hope the following answers some of your questions. It's only a small trial .But it contains good news. Right at the end is reference to Historical Group control. I can only guess at an answer to your question about the 30yr. old. There may be some problems with that person's immune system like low levels of CD4, CD8 cells, that predisposes a person to getting a severe infection. The Randomised Placebo Control Trial is the gold standard. But it's not the only way of doing trials. I'm biased towards the no placebo approach because people get active treatment . https://www.pnas.org/content/117/17/9490
  20. Arnold Lane, No need for any apology. Your question is a good one and not aggressive at all. I don't pretend to be an expert . I was part of Act Up back in the day, and lobbied the pharmaceutical /research industry to get some giddy up with their research into Antiretrovirals for the treatment of HIV. The following link explains- better than I can- the advantages of Historica Control Groups over Placebo Controls. https://www.statisticshowto.com/historical-controls/
  21. The bloke, With respect. It explains itself. The medical records are available-giving the required data that is necessary for conducting the trial.Epidemiologist and researchers are well aware of "Historical Control" procedures. Adopting the procedure gets them out of unethical problems, that obtain in placebo conducted trials. "A control group that is chosen from a group of patients who were observed at some time in the past or for whom data are available through records. Historical controls are used for comparison with subjects being treated or assessed concurrently" Segen's Medical Dictionary. © 2012 Farlex, Inc. All rights reserved. Historical Control Groups are not new, off the wall,quack way of proceeding. historical control " Epidemiology A control group that is chosen from a group of patients who were observed at some time in the past or for whom data are available through records; HCs are used for comparison with subjects being treated concurrently. See Control."
  22. Dardedec, I'm not looking for any thank you. There are different approaches to clinical trials . If you care to read the link -I've provided -you will be able to see the context for what I've written. Using a "Historical Control Group" approach can get round having to use placebos. I'm not advocating compromising safety ,but a means of speeding up the whole process. The quicker we get to safe and effective treatments and vaccines the more lives will be saved. Note: Historical Control Group is explained in the link. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2013/dec/01/world-aids-day-how-aids-activists-changed-medical-research
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