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  1. I agree but as a young gay man in the 80's and 90's it was always a safe space to go
  2. Yes it was, any reason you never went?
  3. Can anyone else remember club XS in Attercliffe it was my fav gay bar had many many a good night there
  4. Looking for an Jazz/ Acoustic artist/s to play an outside gig on 01/03/13, I am opening a shop and have an afternoon of music/poetry planned and am looking for the closing act. Looking for a jazz influenced feel, experience not important. I can pay travel costs and small fee, and free drinks. If you are interested or have any questions get in touch.
  5. Anyone know of any jazz vocalist / Acoustic singer that might be available to do an afternoon session on 01/03/14, I am opening a shop and have an afternoon of music and poetry planned but would really like some LGBT presence, i have poetry slam and acoustic open mic sorted, but would like a closing act?? Any help appreciated. The event will be in Rotherham town centre
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