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  1. You can't go wrong with Woodseats Fisheries or Phoenix. Both have been there for donkey's years and are decent.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Quite a few street signs around S8 have been crossed out and replaced with a 7. The bus stop at the bottom of Woodseats Road has also had S7 sprayed on it in massive letters. Total loser, whoever it is.
  3. It seems to be the same with a lot of roads. They sometimes close parts of Little London Road for resurfacing when the whole lot needs doing. It's awful and full of potholes.
  4. This was the first thing I noticed too. I used to be able to look up at the stars from my back yard but it's just too bright now. It's like aliens are landing! I definitely preferred the old ones. They had a nice warm glow to them and also looked better from a distance.
  5. If it just looks like a big bright star then it will be Jupiter.
  6. I've often thought it would be a good idea to try and put a walkway under the bridge which runs above the water, as walking under the bridge on the road is quite risky. The whole area is a nightmare though. Especially when there's something going on at Climbing Works and parents are dropping kids off for gymnastic classes all at the same time. It's a bit of a pain living around the area with people coming and going outside your house constantly.
  7. It's everywhere at the minute. There does seem to be a zero-tolerance policy in the Bramall Lane underpass though. Anything there during the afternoon has been painted over in a vile shade of greenish yellow by the following morning.
  8. I walk down Arundel Gate and Snig Hill on my way to work in a morning and can't believe the amount of beggars and homeless people I see. The entrance to what used to be Jumbo (Chinese buffet place) has been turmed into a makeshift squat with cardboard and broken glass everywhere, similar to the entrance of the old Boardwalk. There are also two or three people in sleeping bags where the bus stops are outside what's now the British Heart Foundation shop too. I'm not having a go at the individual people seeing as I don't know them, but it's beginning to look quite scruffy in that part of town.
  9. So does Worksop, but I couldn't care less what's going on there.
  10. I like the view from the top of Cavill Road just around the corner from Cherry Bank Road. Can probably see more in winter though when the trees have less foliage.
  11. I put £25 in coppers into one the other day. As I don't bank with HSBC, I'd rather them take 9.9% than me have to spend ages counting them into money bags to take to the bank!
  12. I only ever walk through this tunnel during the middle of the day, and even then it's dark and horrible. I can't imagine what it's like at night when you have to walk over the river bridge too. It's similar to Frog Walk in a way.
  13. Good luck with that. I worked in there before moving to another government building in town, where my work pass would still get me in Moorfoot, and the woman on security used to challenge me when I walked through as a shortcut!
  14. Unfortunately, I think we know the answer to that.
  15. I actually quite like it, but that's probably because I worked in it for three years. The corridors snake around so much in there that I often used to get lost!
  16. Hardly surprising when the same cretins vote them in time and time again. They know they can essentially do what they want because it won't matter.
  17. You've answered your own question. They charge more because it sounds like the only place to fill up within a reasonable distance. Shops do it all the time. Co-Op have stores in loads of different small towns and charge ridiculous prices because they know people will pay it, rather than have to travel into the city.
  18. Looks like that could be the case! http://www.scoresonthedoors.org.uk/business/shimul--211447.html
  19. You shouldn't open windows to keep it cool inside during a heatwave. You want to keep them closed along with the blinds/curtains.
  20. I guess that could be the case. My ward is Graves Park.
  21. I sealed my postal ballot envelope up an hour or so ago but could have sworn he wasn't on both. Ian Auckland was on the other wasn't he? I usually vote for the Lib Dems in the local elections. They seem to do quite a lot in our area and you don't hear a peep from Labour other than at election time.
  22. I could be wrong, but I'd imagine drug dealers would try to attract less attention to themselves.
  23. Can't see that being possible with how close all of the shops are to the road.
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