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  1. You're making out that immigration is great because it works wonders for the economy, so I've just given you an economical example of where it falls down. Some columns on a spreadsheet at the Bank of England might be improved initially by immigration, but it soon detracts from society's wealth elsewhere.
  2. It certainly doesn't fuel a growth in wages though. Long term mass immigration has kept wages down for the average working class people.
  3. I sometimes watch Charlie Veitch's videos on YouTube which are filmed in Manchester. The place looks like an open air lunatic asylum.
  4. Yet I've never been out of work since I was 16 until a few months ago when I resigned, bought my own house at 25 and would say I'm doing alright generally. Obviously some people have it worse depending on where they live etc, but you were directly addressing my own personal circumstances. I don't choose to see myself as a victim really. I think a lot of people need to be more sensible with the decisions they make instead of just blaming the world. Especially people who go and do a nonsense degree, end up with a load of student debt and then do a menial job which didn't require a degree, all while burning money on rent and wondering why they can't get anywhere.
  5. I'm 35 so didn't live through the same times as the people in question, but it's not like it was all rosy for them. Many will have had tough manual jobs that didn't involve sitting at home in their pyjamas replying to a few e-mails while watching TV. Plus they lived through the absolute mess that was the 1970s, and had to deal with 12% interest rates on average all through the 80s. A lot of them are obviously quite comfortable in retirement but it's not as if it was all easy.
  6. Why do people always add an S to the end of supermarket names and say things like "I'm going to Tescos" or "I bought it from Aldis" ?
  7. I think she has a point to be honest. Most new buildings look similar with the same crappy cladding on the outside. Like the monstrosities next to the university roundabout.
  8. I'm not sure that's true these days. It's well known that Eastern European (usually Romanian) gangs buy them up and have their 'associates' sell them.
  9. When I mentioned bathtubs I was referring to alcohol. Cannabis plants definitely smell, but I suppose it depends how many someone is growing and how well insulated the property is. I think the authorities often find them using thermal imaging technology, as growing them requires a lot of heat lamps.
  10. Exactly. It's why prohibition didn't work and people resorted to making their own moonshine in bathtubs. I think I'd even look at regulating certain drugs as well. People aren't going to stop taking them, so you could at least generate some tax revenue from them. It makes the product safer and is money out of the hands of organised crime, so it's win-win.
  11. The war on drugs is a complete waste of time. It's a war that will never be won.
  12. Seems a complete waste of time. The Peak District is hardly that remote and isolated that you need some sort of base camp to access it.
  13. Saying "when people socialise that's when accidents happen" is just ridiculous though. Why even bother leaving the house in that case? Crossing the road is when accidents happen. Playing sport is when accidents happen. Should you just not do either then? Eh? Why is saying that I find something ridiculous 'trolling'?
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